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Azurae Windwalker is a Visionary Healing Shamanic Artist and Healer from Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Azurae is also a 35 year teacher of Practical Shamanism and Nature Spirit Energy Medicine. Her mission as a healer/teacher is to gently guide and inspire her students to access their innate talents for healing, intuitive wisdom, way showing and Earth keeping.

As a shamanic artist Azurae draws inspiration from her American Indian heritage, the Spirit in Nature and her spiritual artistic guides. She designs totemic petroglyphic art, Lifeforce Shield Protective Amulets and other shamanic art that is wonderfully energetic, mysterious and healing. Her work is collected by an international clientele.

Artist’s Statement: Shamen were the first artists. They created their art to benefit, help and heal their community. I seek the same purpose."

The White Light Brotherhood Ascension Attunements and Initiations

The White Light Brotherhood Ascension Attunements and Initiations

 As Earth’s frequency shifts ever upward and we experience the massive energy of solar flares and other galactic influences, we are feeling an upsetting variety of physical, emotional and mental symptoms. These include flaring anger, insomnia, ear ringing, aches and pains, immune system disorders, weight gain and loss, energy shifts, fatigue, emotional disturbances, high blood pressure and more. This high energy pushes trauma to the surface so we can all heal much faster!

White Light Brotherhood Ascension Attunements and Initiations  are channeled directly from the highest Spiritual Masters from many dimensions and planets to help us through these changes and aid our ascension to higher beings of Light.These powerful spiritual beings serve us by helping us move up the spiral of evolution into Galactic Beings.  The Earthchange Attunements of this system of shamanic healing give welcome relief from the symptoms caused by the Upshift of Earth’s energy. The White Light Initiations  fast track your soul’s evolvement out of 3rd dimensional unhealthy soap opera reality towards 5th dimensional peace & wholeness reality!


 The Back Story 

During a visit to Great Serpent Mounds in Ohio Azurae received the first White Light Brotherhood  Initiation from the many spiritual masters who were gathered at this most powerful sacred site.  The energy she received was so powerful that she sat in a stupor for a week. So a former apprentice and excellent  massage therapist/ shamanic healer Mary Persinger worked on Azurae to bring her back to balance. In the session Mary began to access the information that Azurae had down loaded at Serpent Mound. Azurae had become like a human thumb drive for the initiations and attunements.  Mary and Azurae began to channel the initiations together and then separately. The information that came through was that they were to channel 12 by 2012.  Now in 2016 there are 20 initiations and the list keeps growing as we move to higher and higher levels of the Shift Ascension energies.  As you go up the initiation menu to higher and higher levels, you can move far beyond 3rd dimensional soap opera reality to 4th and 5th dimensional love, peace and unity reality becoming more and more masterful, healthier, happier and more at peace.


  Benefits of the White Light Brotherhood Ascension Attunements and Initiations

  • The ascension attunements and initiations combine dance, sacred geometry, energy medicine and shamanizing with channeled assistance from the high spiritual healing masters of the of the White Light Brotherhood. This group of 6th to 10th dimensional Light beings has always helped humankind through our Earth School for Soul Growth. Also helping in the initiations are the Chief Healing Angels particularly Archangel Michael and Raphael. The Spirit in Nature and the Divine Center or Christ Consciousness of Azurae and the client receiving the initiation are also present. Miracles happen! Let the Spirit Doctors help you, NOW!
  • Release of unhealthy and uncomfortable shift symptoms in body, mind, spirit and emotion.
  • Advance your souls evolution and move to higher consciousness and self-mastery.
  • Release core trauma so you and start fresh, find health and drop non-beneficial patterns.
  • Develop a working relationship with the Brotherhood of White Light Spiritual Masters, the Spirit in Nature and the Chief Healing Angels.
  • Greatly increase your healing abilities, intuition and creativity.
  • Experience increased energy, peace, calm clarity and raise your frequency to much higher levels.
  • Be initiated into the New Warriors of White Light as Helpers to the White Light Spiritual Masters in birthing a New Golden Age of Peace and Light. 
The White Light Brotherhood Attunements and Initiations

The first attunement is repeated before subsequent initiations.  Generally speaking Attunement 1, 2 and 3 must be completed before higher initiations are given.   Higher initiations are often part of  shamanic healing sessions which include soul retrieval, gateway healing and clearing, cord cutting, and clearing of etheric  implants.

    Attunement 1 - Return to Wholeness – The original perfect blueprint of your soul is remembered and reignited in a healing dance of 13 counter and clockwise circles aided by White Light Brotherhood. Often clients can feel the presence of these mighty Masters of Light.  Each attunement and initiation includes this. $44

    Attunement 2Core Trauma Clearing – Trauma and painful memories are being pushed to the surface to be cleared. Soul loss from this trauma hinders your soul’s evolution, your health, peace and prosperity. It causes self-destructive behaviors and self-medication to numb the pain in drugs, alcohol and other addictions. Core trauma and soul loss can be caused by divorce, sexual relations, rape, abuse, accidents, injury or may be carried over from other lives. Releasing core trauma gives you a fresh beginning. You break non-beneficial patterns. Then we retrieve lost soul parts which helps you to be more of yourself. You may then more effectively magnetize your soul’s destiny, energy, health and over all well being. 

    Attunement 2 \ part 2 - Release of Spirit Attachments and Non-beneficial Chords - Addictions to drugs, alcohol, fear and shame weaken your aura and cause holes that non-beneficial entities use to attach, drain your energy and manipulate your behavior. These entities are cleared. The holes are patched and filled with angel honey to heal from the inside out. Then you will be protected. Non-beneficial chords to people and events are cleared. Both techniques result in a much stronger, centered, energetic, focused and fully healed you.
    $100 per hr - $125 for 1 ½ hrs
    $150 for two hours
    $175 for 2 1/2 hrs
    $300 three hrs (Depending on what is needed by the client)

    Initiation 3Temple of Knowledge - Retrieval of a Warrior Spiritual Protector  be Fear Free– Fear is used to control the masses. Journey to the above world. Retrieve a powerful warrior protector and meet and celebrate with spiritual adepts in the Temple of Knowledge. After the initiation you are much more in your power, fear free, and confident during Earthchange chaos. Investment: $150 for two hours

    Inititation 4 Wheel of Integration and Disintegration – The speed up of time creates hectic scattered frustrated people who lose sight of their gifts, talents and soul purposes. We integrate your gifts, talents, I AM statements and goals into a usable medicine bundle and then disintegrate your self-sabotaging behaviors, bad habits and character flaws. The end result is a saner, ordered approach to life.   Investment:$125 for 2 hrs (Allow for 2 hours each Wheel)

    Inititation 5 Revelation Medicine Wheel – All your gifts of intuition, visioning, healing, creative arts are greatly amplified and synced with your soul purpose so that you may be of higher service to all your relations. It also helps in working with beneficial Star Beings. Increases manifestation abilities and may aid in the release of heavy emotions through forgiveness.$150 - $200 for 2 – 3 hrs.

    Inititation 6Angel Talk – Download healing and helpful information directly from the higher Angelic Realms. Communicate to them and receive answers. Strengthen your Angel protection. Feel them work with you. Meet your Healing Angels!  An amazing experience for all!
    $150 - $200 for 2 ½ hrs. – 3 hrs.

    Initiation 7White Light Brotherhood Initiation – Journey to the temples of wisdom, learn secrets of your soul and gain a powerful working relationship with the White Light Brotherhood.  $250 for 21/2 hrs

    Initiation  8Nature Spirit Initiation - You will be able to communicate and do advanced work with the Little People, fairy folk, the rock, tree and herb people after this attunement and initiation. As a result the Spirit in Nature will directly give you wisdom and stronger healing more easily, clearly and directly.   Animals and birds will treat you as friends.  $125 for 2 hrs

    Attunement 9Elemental Attunement – Working with the spirit of earth, air, water and fire will be greatly enhanced on completion. $125 for 2 hrs

    Attunement 10 - Dragon Initiation  – If you are an Earthkeeper and are called to work with the Dragon Spirits then this attunement / initiation  greatly increases the quality of your work and play with Nature’s most magnificent beings. Dragons are the over souls of all the Nature Spirits in an ecological area. You will retrieve a dragon helper and fly with them looking through their x-ray vision eyes!  We work with the Dragons to do very powerful Earthkeeping work to clear radiation and  work with weather for example.  $150 for 2 hrs

    Inititation  11New Warrior of the White Light Initiation – Become a helper here on earth of the highest spiritual White Light Masters. 
      $150 for 2 hrs

    Inititation 12Crystal Skull Initiation – Download the wisdom of the ages from the original Crystal Skulls. 
      $150 for 2 hrs

    Inititation 13Angelic Medicine Wheel Initiation - Angels form an equilateral cross around you with your heart being the center of the cross. This cross and the 13 circles of the 1st     attunement form a medicine wheel. This Initiation  brings balance and helps you better move through the cycles of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental healing and upliftment.   $150 for 2 hrs
    Initiation 14Ascension Medicine Wheel -  The seven rays of ascension come into participants to clear heavy energy and uplift each person to higher and higher soul frequencies.     $150 for 2 hrs

    Initiation 15Temple of the Spiritual Masters -  Enter the above world of angels and masters and receive knowledge of your soul purpose and soul family. Receive knowledge of the path you have designed for your soul self in order  to realize your gifts and talents in service to family, community and the world in order to reach self mastery.    $150 for 2 hrs

    Many other initiations are individual to each client. 


    Azurae Windwalker

    Azurae Windwalker
    Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher