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Azurae Windwalker is a Visionary Healing Shamanic Artist and Healer from Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Azurae is also a 35 year teacher of Practical Shamanism and Nature Spirit Energy Medicine. Her mission as a healer/teacher is to gently guide and inspire her students to access their innate talents for healing, intuitive wisdom, way showing and Earth keeping.

As a shamanic artist Azurae draws inspiration from her American Indian heritage, the Spirit in Nature and her spiritual artistic guides. She designs totemic petroglyphic art, Lifeforce Shield Protective Amulets and other shamanic art that is wonderfully energetic, mysterious and healing. Her work is collected by an international clientele.

Artist’s Statement: Shamen were the first artists. They created their art to benefit, help and heal their community. I seek the same purpose."

Friday, September 3, 2021

Sunday Opens for Visitors

DO YOU NEED TO VIBE UP IN NATURE IN A SAFE   ENVIRONMENT? If so you can visit the Amethyst Center Sanctuary for Nature for the next three Sundays.  You can hike our trails, visit our sacred spots,  meditate and find peace in our Angel Garden, contemplate at the Sacred Spring,  connect to the abundant  Spirit in Nature, commune with Grandfather Trees, and perhaps get a glimpse of a fairy! We will be open from 11 am till 5 pm. Message me or email Azuraewindwalker@gmail.com that you are  coming! And what time you expect to be here. Bring a drum, snack, camp chair, blanket if you wish so you can do a bit of earthing._ If you find solace and healing here we will be happy to accept love offerings at the basket inside the door of the Barn Healing Sanctuary. See address/directions and more about the shamanic healing, workshops, ceremonys, shamanic art and Earthkeeper Alchemy activities of the Amethyst  Center at www.theAmethystCenter.com

Azurae Windwalker

Azurae Windwalker
Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher