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Azurae Windwalker is a Visionary Healing Shamanic Artist and Healer from Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Azurae is also a 35 year teacher of Practical Shamanism and Nature Spirit Energy Medicine. Her mission as a healer/teacher is to gently guide and inspire her students to access their innate talents for healing, intuitive wisdom, way showing and Earth keeping.

As a shamanic artist Azurae draws inspiration from her American Indian heritage, the Spirit in Nature and her spiritual artistic guides. She designs totemic petroglyphic art, Lifeforce Shield Protective Amulets and other shamanic art that is wonderfully energetic, mysterious and healing. Her work is collected by an international clientele.

Artist’s Statement: Shamen were the first artists. They created their art to benefit, help and heal their community. I seek the same purpose."

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Reawaken to the Spirit in Nature and Nurture the Spirit Within.
What We Do:
· Conduct Woodland Indian Ceremonies for personal and planetary healing.
· Use and grow our Worldwide Amethyst Bio Grid for Eco-shamanism and Earth Healing
· Teach Practical Shamanism and Nature Spirit Work/Eco-shamanism to build competent helpers & healers.
· Investigate local and national sacred site and reawaken them for healing.
· Actively work with the Spirit in Nature to create the best possible future during storms, earthquakes, droughts  and fires. 
· Crop circle investigation and communicating with their energies.
· Restoring the Great Serpent Mound in Ohio as a working Earth healing point.
· Earthchange Attunements with the Brotherhood of White Light.

Who are we?
The Amethyst Center as an organization is a loose confederation of volunteers who are students of Practical Shamanism, Native American Indian friends and other shamanic practitioners who share similar values of personal and planetary healing, earthkeeping and spiritual ethics. Many are gifted healers, intuitives, counselors, health care professionals, energy medicine practitioners, singers, drummers and helpers from all races and walks of life. Although Azurae’s property has a sign which says “The Amethyst Center,” the real truth is that the Amethyst Center is your own Heart Divine Center and we take that everywhere we travel!

Azurae Windwalker

Azurae Windwalker
Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher