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Azurae Windwalker is a Visionary Healing Shamanic Artist and Healer from Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Azurae is also a 35 year teacher of Practical Shamanism and Nature Spirit Energy Medicine. Her mission as a healer/teacher is to gently guide and inspire her students to access their innate talents for healing, intuitive wisdom, way showing and Earth keeping.

As a shamanic artist Azurae draws inspiration from her American Indian heritage, the Spirit in Nature and her spiritual artistic guides. She designs totemic petroglyphic art, Lifeforce Shield Protective Amulets and other shamanic art that is wonderfully energetic, mysterious and healing. Her work is collected by an international clientele.

Artist’s Statement: Shamen were the first artists. They created their art to benefit, help and heal their community. I seek the same purpose."

How You can Help us at the Amethyst Center!

How You can Help us at the Amethyst Center!
Our Mission:
Reawaking to the Spirit of Nature and Nurturing the Spirit Within, . Expanding human potential through education, art, ceremony, Practical Shamanism, Nature Spirit Energy Medicine and Earthkeeping Adventures. Helping Mother Earth heal and up shift to a more sustainable and conscious dynamic.
Dear Friends,
 As you have noticed, Earth changes are accelerating.  We feel the rising energy of Mother Earth as high and low emotions and as painful physical symptoms.  Many  people puzzled over the meaning of the Mayan prophecy of 2012. It’s here! Gone! And the Shift continues. Physical symptoms of the acceleration in friends, students and clients continue.  The world seems to be going crazy.  But this too shall pass. WE are in the center of a healing crises for our people and  our planet.  What we vision, put our intent upon and take action on NOW determines how sustainable our future is.

Many shamen, scientists and sociologists agree that many challenges of today and the future stem from our disassociation from Nature.  Today, I invite you  to help us  make a measurable difference in what happens in the future of our beloved planetary home.  This is an opportunity to contribute to the Amethyst Center, LLC.   Our mission is to reawaken to the Spirit in Nature and Nurture the Spirit Within.  To  expand human potential, self-mastery,  healing and  sustainable living through education, art and ceremony.  AND to grow trained Earthkeepers help me in our various Earthkeeping projects.

Hunbatz Men, Mayan elder, Day keeper and caretaker of ancient wisdom said, Earth is suffering now because humans have lost the knowledge brought here by our ancestors of the planets.  This cosmic knowledge is the only thing that will help Mother Earth - to have ceremony on sacred ground, to have Mystery Schools to educate people, to teach the knowledge of the cosmos. To fulfill the Atlante-Itza prophecy, all people all over the world must return to sacred ceremonial centers to acquire knowledge or our future on our planet will be jeopardized.”  From Star Ancestors by Nancy Red Star.

The Amethyst Center is already serving our community and the Earth in many such ways. And very successfully! They include:

· Workshops by national leaders in alternative healing, shamanism, healing and  sustainable living.

· Practical Shamanism Nature Spirit Energy Medicine workshops which accelerate the self-mastery, healing, Earth keeping  and visionary abilities of our students.

· Practical Shamanism apprenticeships which awaken more advanced students to master their gifts & work together in advanced Earth keeping projects

· Earthkeeping missions to Great Serpent Mound, Mt. Mitchell, the Peaks of Otter, Sedona, the Outer Banks and other power spots to ease our Shift into the Fifth World.

· Full Moon and seasonal Woodland Indian ceremonies where we work with the Spirit in Nature for the benefit of all our relations.

· The building of a 70 point (and growing) world wide Amethyst Bio-Grid  which aids the ascension    process at power places for transmuting personal and planetary  toxins and elevating consciousness. Patricia Cotles-Robles says that our Amethyst Grid is the crystalized version of the violet flame which is the mechanism  Michael the Archangel uses for our personal and planetary up Shift and spiritual evolution/ascension.

· Building medicine wheels in Northern VA/DC  to raise the frequency there.

· Earth Change Acceleration Attunements to help participants avoid painful  negative  symptoms of the acceleration facilitating a return to wholeness and releasing of the Six       Energetic Epidemics

· Special rain making, fire extinguishing,  wind releasing, pollution and or radiation clearing ceremony during times of natural disaster.

· Educational and motivational outreach programs at churches, festivals, pow wows and Body Mind Spirit Expos etc.  Educational, inspirational and motivational articles published in our e-newsletter, website, facebook page, in magazines and other media

· The research and provision of tools that meet Earth change health challenges which now include the Amethyst Bio-mat, the Alka-Life water ionizer, and Sun Spiral Protective Energy Amulets. 

We have been actively pursuing these goals for seven years.  Now it is time to amplify our programs and offer them to a wider arena. Our 2015 deadline is fast approaching.  We need your help to fulfill our mission.  Won’t you help us? 

Many clients and students and fellow shamanic practitioners have been very generous this year and we thank them so very much. To be able  to move this already successful and proven project onward, I need to stay at home and get my book written. With a book, we will be able to touch a much broader audience.  many experts have told me that is the next thing I need to do  in a marketing program for the work of the Amethyst Center.  I have much of the material needed from what I have written for workshops but my spiritual guidance team have told me that I must channel more information and background from the original sources for the techniques we use in Practical Shamanism and Earthkeeping.  These include the Spirit in Nature, the Chief Healing Angels and many White Light Spiritual Masters.  I'm eager to start but I have to pay my bills. I just need a few months to complete this project.  Could you help with a donation?

Another focus of our financial needs are scholarships for apprentices and long term students who are willing and able to do the work but don't have the funds to travel and pay lodging on our Earthkeeping adventures.  It is so very important to have trained shamanic practitioners who have the skills and the spiritual strength for Earthkeeping projects.

Please say YES and share your donation today!

Here's how to donate!

 These are some of our Amethyst Center Accomplishments for 2013 - 2014

Physical operation improvements:

  • The stove chimney was fixed so we can have warmer gatherings in our Amethyst Center barn meeting center in winter.
  • A new sweat lodge was built with many volunteers helping and a sweat with guest Shaman Manin Erixon and her students from Northern Va was enjoyed by all.
  • The Herb Medicine Wheel Garden was repositioned so that the directional paths are once again aligned with the directions. (The directions have shifted almost a foot in the last few years!) This garden is used for teaching, healing ceremony and for making medicine from its powerful medicinal herbs.  We have over 70 medicinal herbs scattered around the property.
  • The ceremonial circle has newly moved cedar poles in line with the new directions. Under each pole is an amethyst connected with the Amethyst Bio grid so that the healing and prayers of our ceremonies travel all over the world!
  • Thanks to Shaman Manin, Mary Johnson and Steve and Nancy Long's contributions we have a nice new bathroom in the barn  with a composting toilet!
  • The meditation garden is renovated to encompass the thirty foot circle that is the size of the energy field of our resident Earth Angel ACEA.
  • The overgrowth in the fields have been cut back to enable more parking spaces.  There's much more to be  done on this though.
  • Electrical work was done to restore the ceiling lights and fans  to working order. They worked for a while but have been naughty and are once again on the blink! 
  • A cairn was built to commemorate our Little People hero, Slap Suspenders, who traveled to Mt. Mitchell and did major Earth  keeping tasks our with North Carolina Earthkeeping Team We also exchanged a little cement angel nearby which the Little People didn't like and kept knocking in the meditation pond with a fitting Nome, (which has remained in place!) 
  • A Divine Feminine Altar was built near the 300 year old Catalpa Tree with a crystal gifted from a similar altar near Serpent Mounds by Terri Sings With Ravens Rivera at the House of Phaecops Alternative Universe and Rock Shop.

Earthkeeeping and Amethyst Center Successes 2013 - 2014:

  • Fall Harvest of 2013 brought 26  people to the Amethyst Center to first do an Earthkeeping ceremony to clear radiation from the oceans caused by the Fukashima disaster.  Then our friends at the traditional Fall Harvest Ceremony experienced  seven miracles!
  •  Three medicine wheels have been built in the DC area with stones being donated from all over the country. When we circle DC with active prayer in medicine wheels we can go a long way to raising the consciousness there. 
  • Summer solstice of 2013 and 2014 saw 14+ people on top of the Peaks of Otter in a secret ceremonial spot  doing pipe ceremony for Personal and Planetary healing and sending our prayers around the world on the Amethyst Bio-Grid.
  • Three Gateway Healing Ceremonies were completed in DC, at Unity of Roanoke Valley and at the Amethyst Center. In the year previous we also completed these ceremonies in Asheville and Raleigh. These beautiful ceremonies raise the frequency of all attending and send healing to a 300 mile radius using shamanic art, color, toning. crystals, candles, aromatherapy, herbs, totems and divine help from the Chief Healing Angels, the Spirit in Nature and the White Light Masters.
  • Fifteen more amethyst points were placed all over the world upping our Amethyst Bio grid to 70+ points.  Some of the places receiving points include three sacred sites in Hawaii, the German Alps, the Danube River, Sedona vortexes,  Austria, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, Georgia Coastal Islands, Russia,  Canada, Alaska and many more. A gallon bag of amethyst points were donated in Waynesboro at the Chrysalis group when I spoke but we are almost out!  We need donations to buy more!
  • Two students went through the five weekend training to be initiated as Earthkeepers in Nature Spirit Energy Medicine.  Ten more completed two of the five workshops and may catch up this coming year.
  • One current apprentice has made it to advanced level and is offering her own shamanic healings, readings, ceremonies and Earthkeeping services. Four graduated apprentices are working at the advanced level already.
  • Eight students and Earthkeeper friends traveled to Sedona to work on balancing Divine Male energy with that of the Divine Feminine Energies for ourselves and Mother Earth. This was given to us as the goal for the next three years. It was a scouting trip where we had to locate the sites to best accomplish our goals and learn the spiritual terrain. Helping us was Shamanic guide, Rahelio Rodriguez who led us in healing ceremony and sweat lodge. This will be repeated on a larger scale next fall. We learned a lot, cleared a lot of heavy energy personally, met the Spirit of Nature there, made friends with the Divine Feminine Spirit there,  caught many spiritual beings on camera and had the shamanic adventure of a lifetime!
  • Five more apprentices are in the queue for the next four year program to begin.
  • Research for clearing Djinn from people and places has met with some success after having a few run ins with these chaos creating dimensional beings who feed off of fear and negativity. 
  • A five workshop curriculum for Nature Spirit Energy Medicine has been completed and written and this, as well as the Practical Shamanic techniques we have been using for years will be the basis for my upcoming book.
  • I have lectured broadly informing people about how the Spirit in Nature can help and heal them. Locations include Roanoke, Raleigh, Northern VA, MD, West VA, Asheville, and Ohio.
  • We had a booth at Earth Day and the Local Colors International Event in Roanoke promoting caretaking Mother Earth. Shamanic art and healing booths at the body mind spirit expos in Raleigh and Roanoke and the DC Pathways Whole Living Expo also promote this in brochures.
  • We appeared on TV in DC talking about the Amethyst Center work.
  • Research continues on how the solar flares, magnetic field fluxations of Earth, and upshift of the frequency of Mother Earth affects human behavior and health. An article on Helping Strategies  for the Shift Symptoms has been published and is widely distributed in the internet. 
  • Research on how crop circles affect  human behavior and health has begun but has been shelved for the time being as we have not had crop circles in Bedford County VA for several years after a three year series of numerous circle makings. Author of Secrets in the Fields,  Freddy Silva, agreed that ours were for real and we turned in reports to the US Crop Circle Investigative organization. Freddy said that our ceremonial activities probably influenced the circle making. Water, crystals, limestone and  the presence of ley lines must be present so that  Pleadian  and elementals can  make the crop designs. Freddy also said where they are made that location is being programmed to be a center of Light! So...the Amethyst Center is in the right place.
  • In our first ever Halloween séance attended by 12 people  my apprentice contacted an old shaman friend of mine on the other side who said that we are in a safe place here at the Amethyst Center for the ensuing chaos which will peak in seven years. She said becoming sustainable and self sufficient was VERY important so we are planning accordingly.

Azurae Windwalker

Azurae Windwalker
Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher