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Azurae Windwalker is a Visionary Healing Shamanic Artist and Healer from Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Azurae is also a 35 year teacher of Practical Shamanism and Nature Spirit Energy Medicine. Her mission as a healer/teacher is to gently guide and inspire her students to access their innate talents for healing, intuitive wisdom, way showing and Earth keeping.

As a shamanic artist Azurae draws inspiration from her American Indian heritage, the Spirit in Nature and her spiritual artistic guides. She designs totemic petroglyphic art, Lifeforce Shield Protective Amulets and other shamanic art that is wonderfully energetic, mysterious and healing. Her work is collected by an international clientele.

Artist’s Statement: Shamen were the first artists. They created their art to benefit, help and heal their community. I seek the same purpose."

Friday, March 27, 2020

Shamanic Practioners, Earthkeepers and Energy Worker Call to Action

CALL TO ACTION! Earthkeepers, Shamanic Practitioners and Energy Workers Unite in Healing
(And a reminder of Circular Earth Sun Breathing How Tos)

Be well! ATTN: EARTHKEEPERS AND ENERGY LIGHT WORKERS!  Join in this opportunity to build a more positive  outcome for personal and planetary healing and pandemic reduction with a Celestial Silver Light.  For the next 30 days Reiki masters worldwide are working together at 9 am or 9 pm. Please join this..... I suggest this shamanic technique.  We did this on the Redfeather Medicine Singers New Moon Singing Ceremony and it felt wonderful. Amanda Ellis who is a British Medium and Color Healer channeled Archangel Metatron  who  suggests running silver light to kill the virus. I added the White Light Clearing Ray from our Amethyst Center Spiritual Master. What this does is cleanse non beneficial energies, entities, and thought forms thru the leylines and the silver light ray will travel to kill the virus through the lines! (like collodial silver does)

DIRECTIONS: While doing this protect yourself by powering up with Earth Sun Breathwork inside a copper pyramid you build with visualization,  intent and emotion.  Invite the White Light Master to run his blinding White Light Ray to clear the ley lines. Fill the pyramid with silver with the Earth Sun Circular breath work.  Fill your lungs with silver each time you  beathe and let it deactivate any virus. Then breathe again and blow the silver thru the leylines around the world. Then the silver will be transmitted everywhere through the power spots and the Amethyst Biogrid we built previously. Repeat as intuition guides. Then power up and recharge again with Earth Sun Breathwork. And give thanks that we are well!

It was super powerful for Penny, Diane and I when we did it. I will fill you in on any changes as we continue to use it.

Circular Transformative Breath 
The First Few Steps Through the Shaman’s Doorway
 Several years ago, during a shamanic journey, I was flown on White Eagle’s back to a large nest overlooking the world.  White Eagle is a Spirit Doctor, an ancient master shaman who vowed to stay close to Earth after his death in order to help and heal.  He is the superintendent of the White Eagle School of Shamanic Healing Arts. His special gift to my students is as a matchmaker between master healers in the spirit world and healers working in our reality so that these “spirit doctors” can continue to work through us.  When he finds a frequency match, an alliance begins.  In this way we can reclaim “lost knowledge” and invent creative answers to new health challenges with the help of masters who have gone before.

 I was told by White Eagle to brief you on basic disciplines for building power and awareness and for building clarity in your dreams and visions.  These disciplines are the first steps Through the Shaman’s Doorway.  These disciplines are those on which all future knowledge is built and help in the process of gaining and cementing ties to your Spirit Doctors, animal, plant and stone allies.  This discipline is circular transformative breathing. 

 I first became aware of circular transformative breathing through reading an interview with Dhyani Ywahoo, a Cherokee medicine woman, founder of the Sunray Meditation Society, Chief of the Green Mountain Cherokee, and author of Voices of Our Ancestors – Cherokee Teachings from the Wisdom Fire.  When she said that one way Cherokee people stay young looking is the use of this discipline, I said, “That’s for me!”.  My vanity led me to take a step which would forever change my life for the better.  As my own practice of circular breath grew, I increased my ability to stay clear, focused and strong in shamanic journey, meditation, dreamwork and in my healing practice.  The practice has also helped me to stay young looking and acting.  I’ve since found this same discipline in use by many other shamanic cultures.  It closely resembles practices taught by monks from Tibet who practice ancient Atlantean knowledge.

 Truth is Truth anywhere!  Real truth is usually simple.  It abides by the Universal Laws of Nature and is available to all who can tune into their celestial and DNA broadcasting stations!  Complicated teachings are man’s ego making simple natural laws difficult.  This simple technique can help you stay stable while the rest of the world is shaken up by earthquake energy, electromagnetic field shifts, and other natural and manmade disasters.  Think about it.  Where on a globe is the most stable point?  The center is, of course.  So, if you have an energy axis anchored to the core of the Earth and one to the Sun or Grandmother Moon, wouldn’t you be more stable in turbulent times?

Circular Transformative Breathing

The first step in circular breathing is to sit erect in a straight back chair with legs uncrossed or sit on the ground.  Imagine all the tensions of the day draining from the top of your head down through your body and exiting in a spiral from your root chakra and feet into the molten core/center of the Earth to be transmuted. 

 Second, on the in-breath, actively draw energy from the Earth’s center, spiraling through the many layers of rock, dirt, underground water, through the floor to the root, up your back, through the spine to the top of your head.  This energy trail is the River of Life.  Third, on the out-breath, allow in a passive receptive state, the energy from Father Sky, the Sun, Moon and Celestials to flow down the front River of Life of your body from head to root.  Begin again the in-breath up your back.  When you have the visualization down, begin to breathe to the count of 7 up, hold 4, 7 down, hold 4, etc.  Also breathe in your nose and out of your mouth.
 It is very important to keep the tip of your tongue right behind your teeth at the roof of your mouth so as to make a complete circuit of energy on the front of your circle.  It is helpful to see and feel the circle as bright neon and make the pathway of energy easier to follow.  In class I will trace this circle with my intent, visualization and rattle or drum to build a stronger path for you to follow.  As in everything, practice makes perfect.  Do this for ten minutes each day and you’ll be refreshed, energized and glow like a light bulb!

 Since the illusion of disease comes from a disharmony in the natural pattern of our perfection, and manifests in a lack or trauma of our energy field, building and reinforcing our River of Life with Circular Breathing can go a long way in helping a body correct its own imbalances.  Because we engage in an active pulling up on the in-breath from the core of the Earth and a passive flowing down of energy from a celestial on the out-breath, we also balance our male/female energies in this practice.  So I think you can see why this is such a good place to start your experience of Practical Shamanism.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Build your Immunity - Break Through the Corona Virus Fear Mongering

Build your Immunity - Break Through the Corona Virus Fear Mongering

PAUSE FOR A BREAKTHROUGH MOMENT FOR IMMUNITY BUILDING!!! Are you tired of all the Corona Virus fear mongering? FEAR LOWERS YOUR IMMUNITY! LOVE BUILDS IT!!!  I copied these immune building tips from a noted MD Doctors site and added a few immune booster ideas of my own.  Be prepared.....as ALWAYS. These are steps to strengthen our immune systems and prevent harm from toxic exposures.

1.  Eliminate as much as possible all EMF exposure. Turn off WiFi at night, use wired devices whenever possible, and keep all wireless devices in shielded pouches or on airplane mode as much as you can.
2. Eat only organic or biodynamic foods to decrease your exposure to agricultural chemicals, which also weaken your immune system. (EAT LOCAL FOODS.. Az)
3. Filter your water to eliminate fluoride, chlorine and other immune-suppressing chemicals. (OR DRINK SPRING OR WELL WATER...Az)
4. Get out in the sun as much as possible and spend as much time in nature, particularly in forests, beaches and other wild places.
5. Take a good blend of botanicals and mushrooms along with vitamin C-containing foods. My favorite blend is Immunity Matrix. The usual dose is 1 teaspoon in hot water twice a day.
6. Take a good vitamin D3/K2 supplement, as these have been shown to reduce the severity and incidence of flu.  One good brand is from Quick Silver Scientific. The dose is 1-2 pumps a day.
7. Cook with turmeric, dissolved in either butter or ghee. Turmeric helps to cleanse and detoxify the cells, lessening your need for detoxification reactions such as flu symptoms. (I TAKE A SUPPLEMENT W/ BLACK PEPPER SO IT IS BIOAVAILABLE...Az)
8. Practice an attitude of generosity and helpfulness to all those in your circles, including those who you may not be inclined to agree with. This might be the hardest but perhaps one of the most helpful practices you can do. (Love is the highest vibe....vibe out of harms way.  Az..)

I would like to add this to the doctors recommendation from my own experience....Mind you....I'm an Appalachian herb medicine and shamanic healing practitioner...not an MD! But I DO have a lot of experience taking care of myself!  

9.   Elderberry capsules 1 per day as a preventative
10. Collodial Silver if symptoms of flu arise
11. Vitamine C high dose w  LOTS of spring water
12. Dowse your water to its perfect form or put 3 pieces nobel shungite in it. High vibe your immunity with high vibe water!
13. Use salt lamps and bamboo charcoal bags to kill mold which lowers immunity.
14. Quit eating sugar! Worst immunity enemy EVER!
15. Carry a salt pebble w you to wipe your hands on in public and wash your hands w salt scrub. Fabulous disinfectant!
16. Earth Sun breathwork to build energy  and sync with the Earths changing frequency upshift.  See this at www.theAmethystCenter.com in the newsletter. Or come to my workshops and learn it!
17. LIFEforce amulets particularly shungite ones build up your energy body  and resistance and protect you from EMF energy drains. Order them from www.etsy.com/shop/AzuraeHealingArt
18. Take Kyolic Garlic 2 per day
19. Watch comedy..... laugh!
20. White Light Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program sessions as in Machelle Small Wrights book of the same name. Let the masters, angels, nature spirit and Christ Consciousness heal and help you!
21. Keep Thieves Oil at hand and wash down food prep areas. You might even want to put it on a ball of cotton to carry w you and smell or wipe hands w.


Friday, October 25, 2019

Nature Mandela Earthkeeping


HERE IS OUR NATURE MANDALA IN ALL ITS BEAUTY, POWER AND HEALING!!  For those who liked and commented on the Nature Mandelas I posted last week thank you for pushing forward OUR Amethyst Center  version made by outstanding visionary shamanic artist Polly Branch!  She created the sacred geometric design using materials foraged at the Amethyst Center, from her home and from materials  brought by Nancy Maurelli from Goose Creek Gardens. The medicine of eace herb, fower, pinecone, fern and  fores branch added its healing power to the mandela design.  Polly made an outstanding healing form featuring 8  8"s in corn meal.

The location was in our already powerful ceremonial circle which is connected to sacred sites all over the world through our Amethyst Biogrid. Although Polly didn't know it, the 8  '8s design is an ascension attunement I channeled last winter for my students and have been sharing ever since. It just goes to show that when you have your psychic radio tuned to the same station, we all can get similar messages. BRAVO POLLY!!! When she was finished we send the  8  8 ascension wave throughout the Amethyst Biogrid and  through our close by ley line to the cosmic generator at  the Peaks of Otter seeing the dark energy leaving Mother Earth and LIGHT and LOVE filling her up. THANK YOU Polly Branch for this divine inspirational design and to Mike David,  and Chesten Cantrell for helping in our Mandella Earth keeping ceremony. And thanks to the Energy Healers of Roanoke Valley for vibing up the AC with your presence! I hope this gives you the get up and go to create your own Earth Mandela.  See more about the art work of Polly Branch at  https://www.acornartgallery.com/  or at Acorn Art Gallery on Brambleton in Roanoke.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Soul Portraits and Shamanic Healing Sessions the Amethyst Center with Azurae Windwalker

Here's a few of my shamanic Healing Services:

Healing Choice #1 - Soul Retrieval Petroglyph Portraits AND Soul Retrieval -  See your perfected soul blueprint in art and be more of who you truly are! Retrieve lost soul parts. Return to your authentic self. Let shamanic artist, Azurae Windwalker, capture the blueprint of your soul’s frequency in pastels & charcoal.  You’ll have an unforgettable healing and

inspirational experience. Receive wisdom of your soul’s mission as defined by your gifts and talents. Find your totems, angels, enlightened ancestral guides, soul colors and symbols. Be empowered by your true beauty!  Use your Soul Portrait as a shamanic tool for self-realization and retrieve more soul parts later!  55 min.  includes oral and written interpretation, art and soul retrieval. $125.   

Healing Choice #2 -  Award Winning Shamanic Healing Journey:  Chakra Clearing and Balancing which includes Cutting Non Beneficial Chords, Clearing Implants and Etheric Wounds. Perfected Soul Blueprint Retrieval,  SOUL  RETRIEVAL  and RELEASE of SPIRIT ATTACHMENTS.  Experience an award winning shamanic journey  and healing that  gently releases chords, implants and patterns that block your health, happiness and fulfillment. With the help of the Spirit in Nature, the White Light Masters of Healing, the Chief Healing Angels and our Divine Centers... Azurae first awakens your blueprint of Soul Perfection, aids your ascension process and clears and tunes up your chakras. Non beneficial chords hindering your wellness are severed to events, people and places which have traumatized you. Energetic implants which control unhealthy patterns and/or block your full self healing and spiritual mastery are removed. Your Energy Body is strengthened so you are more resilient and protected from outside negative energies. Finally lost pieces of your soul are retrieved  you you can be more of who you really are!!  A short reading tells you about what that recovered soul piece means to your life going forward. 

Azurae is a gifted clear channel, medical intuitive and  40 year practicing shamanic healer with thousands of happy clients and students. She employs NLP, dowsing, angelic intervention, White Light Brotherhood Spiritual Masters, Nature Spirits, aroma therapy, crystal and herbal healing and Quantum Energetics in her sessions.  1.5 hrs - 2 hrs  $125 to $150 

Healing Choice #2 - Core Trauma Timeline Clearing Journey for Traumatic Physical Illness, Accidents, Rape, Shock, PTSD and more - Start a happy life anew! Azurae uses cutting edge shamanic and energetic healing technologies to gently clear trauma from this and other lives tracing and clearing trauma patterns back to its original source. When the source is cleared you can begin a new pattern of wellness. In Core Trauma Timeline Clearing, the White Light Masters, the Healing Angels, the Spirit in Nature and Azurae extract the trauma out of your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies. Anything less leaves a holographic imprint which can still carry the trauma.  Azurae searches for your soul blueprint of perfection and returns or reactivates this blueprint in you. Your blueprint for health will magnetize and manifest your original true well being over time. Dowsing and NLP may also be used to reconnect you to the forces of healing and clear any victim belief patterns.Your aura may need to be reinforced and/or rebuilt to give you stronger boundaries. And certainly energetic wounds must be repaired and implants cleared that manipulate and weaken you. 

Many clients say that their rehabilitation times have been drastically cut after these sessions. They say that they can once again claim a joyful life.  A number of sessions may be required as layers of trauma and non-beneficial patterns are being revealed during the Shift. You do NOT have to relive your trauma or be retraumatized to heal... as you are placed in a state of non-ordinary bliss to see and reverse your trauma. 1.5 -2 hrs.  $125 - $150

Healing Choice #3 -  Ascension Awakening by Clearing of Grief, Shame, Blame and Forgiveness Ritual –    
The loss of spouses, children and parents can cause debilitating grief. In order to move into a joyful and healthy present and future and ascend your soul we must clear the shock and trauma holding you back. Azurae uses the same cutting edge healing technologies as used in Healing Choices #2 and #3. In addition tears are cleared from your emotional and spiritual body and a JOY Guide is retrieved to return happiness to you. 

 Often there is a fair amount of exhaustion, shayme and self blame if one is a care giver of a loved one. These emotions can be cleared out of the body mind and spirit.  Then a Ho’ponono Hawaiian forgiveness ritual will complete your healing paired with the cutting of non-beneficial chords to your loved ones leaving the connection to unconditional love. Sometimes messages are received from loved ones from the other side for your help, healing and knowledge of the loved ones well being. One of Azurae’s apprentices is an excellent medium if you need further contact. Remember the soul never dies as we are spirits living in physical bodies.  2 hrs. $150 

Many other shamanic healing services are offered such as retrieving power animals  ,your White Light Healing Master Teams, Joy Guides, and Angelic Helpers. Plus over 20 Ascension Initiations.


"The most spiritually beneficial class I ever took in my life (and I'm 50) "  Adela Lohr

Azurae Windwalker is a friend of mine. Her connections to the spiritual community and her direct service in teaching and healing is well known." Liz Campbell

"The stones speak to you and are sent out in your collectable jewelry to share their wisdom with others. " Liz E Anderson 

"I received my shungite lifeforce amulet with two coral beads today. It's beautiful and the energy is awesome. Thank you Azurae Windwalker. I'm so honored to have another beautiful creation from you. Vickey Wilson, the red  beads are in recognition of being twins." Kathy 

"I took an intense workshop years ago with Azurae. I'm still using her teachings today. Its the most positive thing  I've ever done for myself. I want to take another one. Blessings" Kimber,  Richmond VA

"Azurae Windwalker is an amazing teacher who teaches practical wisdom and techniques one can immediately incorporate into their daily lives. I highly recommend her workshops, particularly for those who are  highly sensitive and empathic as you will learn shamanic techniques for protection as well as develop a stronger connection with your intuition and spiritual guides. I have been attending her weekly classes for several months now and have learned so much! Looking forward to attending this one :)"Sue Whelan, senior student

Working with Azure is transformative. I learn so much from her depth of knowledge and abilities to tap into the multidimensional realms! Her Retreat Center is on very sacred and magical land. She is truly an artist's in so many ways. She touched my life over 19 years ago! Wow, did you realize that? 

Big hugs to you Azure! Love you very much. Aho! Jonie Stone

Friday, May 3, 2019

Let me introduce myself

Let me introduce myself! I'm a 40 year shamanic artist, teacher, healer located in Thaxton VA in Bedford Co. 20 min east of Roanoke off Hwy 460 . Our Amethyst Center Nature Healing Sanctuary is an ultra high vibe place in the Blue Ridge Mtns.  blessed by many healing masters, ancient wise trees, an Angel and Nature Spirit on sacred land of 31 acres.  This is where I do most of my work but I occasionally do events at other venues. Start off learning about me  and my work by going to www.theAmethystCenter.com  and reading there.

Generally in my healing practice I provide chord cutting to non beneficial people, places and situations, soul retrieval, spirit attachment clearing,  powering up and repair of aura,  ascension attunements, shamanic journeys, core trauma clearing, ancestral timeline clearing, implant removal, ghost busting. And a lot more.  The White Light Masters,  the Spirit of Nature, the Chief Healing Angels and  Christ Consciousness actually do the work through me.

 I also teach classes on Enlightened Self Care with Practical Shamanism and Nature Spirit Energy Medicine so folks can learn to take care of themselves.   This may lead to apprenticeship for some. And I sponsor leading teachers in similar subjects. My other job is designing shamanic art and LIFEforce Energy Protective Shield  Amulets which aid my gifted energy sensitive clients worldwide! Check out www.etsy.com/shop/AzuraeHealingArt for these. I would welcome the opportunity to serve you! Text me at 540-947-2523.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Wed. and Thurs. Practical Shamanism & Nature Spirit Energy Medicine Class Series

Wed. and Thurs. Practical Shamanism & Nature Spirit Energy Medicine Class Series 

ATTN WANNABE SHAMANIC STUDENTS!!!  Practical Shamanism and Nature Spirit Energy Medicine  classes have moved to Wed. and Thursday nights from 6 - 9 pm at the Amethyst Center in the cottage. We continue Walking thru the Shamans Doorway throughout the course.  This means mastering the core Practical Shamanism Techniques of powering up, personal and property shielding , circular Earth Sun breathwork, clearing ways, and retrieving our totems and Spirit Doctors. For the next few weeks we are focusing on cleaing ways including trauma clearing. Then we will begin shamanic journeys and building intuitive skills,  White Light Brotherhood Ascension Initiations, working on advanced  shamanic healing skills and core trauma timeline clearing follows that. We'll be making drums, prayer sticks, dream catchers, and doing other shamanic art along the way too.  After that we will Walk Around the Medicine Wheel of Spiritual. Emotional, Physical and Mental healing making wellness plans for all and doing more advanced ascension initiations  Finally in Spring/Summer we'll work more w the Spirit in Nature and the land leading up to a focus on eco- shamanising  and Earth keeper Alchemy. Its life changing stuff for you to share with your community, clients, family and Mother Earth. Im not publishing what is happening when because this is Spirit led and I am following the pace in which students master the curriculum. Each session is $35. Apprenticeship may follow if you are chosen and if you choose to do so. Message me if you ae interested. Or text 5409472423. The Amethyst Center is located on 31 very high vibe blessed acres at 4443 Quarterwood Rd, Thaxton VA. 20 min from Roanoke. 40 min. from Lynchburg.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Solutions to the Ascension Shift Symptoms

Signs and Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening and Expanded Consciousness – Ascension Series 2  DECEMBER 6, 2016 by SUZANNE WORTHLEY (With Solutions by Azurae Windwalker)

Says Azurae, "I have previously published articles on ascension shift symptoms. I found this  one that was so good I had to share and added some solutions for the symptoms. Take note and do something about your symptoms!"

"Last week, I said I would provide a more detailed list of Ascension symptoms to help validate what you might be experiencing. To create this list, I spent time researching what other practitioners are finding to verify against my own work with clients and class participants. The following is a compilation of information from a variety of resources to offer an overall picture of Ascension symptoms.
This list is long! I invite you to use this as a resource to come back to over the next few weeks and months as you FEEL what you’re experiencing in your own bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).
Please note: Symptoms listed may or may not be attributed to this Ascension process so please follow your own inner guidance as to if you should consult a healthcare professional if/when needed.


You just know or sense intuitively that something is happening to your body. You have an unusual feeling that you can’t explain and sense your body responding differently now physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You may feel at times like you are losing your mind or going a bit crazy with these unknown or uneasy feelings that are difficult to explain.

Physical Difficulties

Aches, pains, and even itches throughout your entire body that come and go

Soreness or stiffness in joints and muscles and bones for no apparent reason that are not due to injury, physical exercise or fatigue (especially in the neck, shoulder, back and spine)

Pressure and pain in and around the head and face area including skull, eyes, ears, sinus, teeth including fillings, and gums

Pinpricks, electrical shocks, falling asleep feelings, warming energies, tingles, and random spasms, rushes of energy, twitches and jolts that come and go for no reason

Headaches and migraines that don’t respond to medicine

Hair and nails grow faster and/or change in texture or density


General changes in vision and perception

Catching glimpses of sparkles or flashes of light in your peripheral vision

Dry or itchy eyes, blurry vision, seeing a haze or static-like energy in air

Seeing auras or light around people, animals or objects

A sense of physical disorientation

Often, in these cases, an eye exam would show no change in your actual vision. At times, you’ll additionally feel very ungrounded. You’ll be “spatially challenged” with the feeling like you can’t put two feet on the ground or that you’re walking between two worlds.


Heart palpitations or flutters not related to exercise or medical conditions

Lots of pressure on both the front of the chest as well as the mid back and upper breast plate area as there is an additional chakra vortex activating

Periods of sudden nervousness or anxiety that comes and goes spontaneously for no reason

Feeling drained of energy

Unexplainable worry or panic

Nervous breakdown sensations or feeling that you are spiraling out of control


Heightened sensitivity to sound

Hearing unusual sounds or auditory sensations

Ears popping and ringing

Hearing pings, beeps, tones frequencies whooshing and pulsating

Feeling off balance, sense of vertigo

Cold or Flu Symptoms

You might find cold or flu-like symptoms appearing and disappearing without developing into actual cold or flu. These could include:

Stuffy head, pressure, sinus and allergy problems and respiratory changes

Changes in body temperatures

Increased sensitivity to heat or cold

Circulation issues

Chills or hot flashes, night sweats and waves of heat throughout body


Sometimes these symptoms manifest as periods of extreme fatigue for no apparent reason that happen out of the blue or upon awakening from a full-night’s sleep. You might feel as if you need many naps or the exact opposite—feeling wide awake and energized despite lack of sleep and being hyper-focused despite fatigue.


During this time, you might feel a sense of intolerance towards lower vibrational things of the 3D world, reflected in conversations, attitudes, societal structures, healing modalities, etc.

Emotional Sadness or Disconnect

Deep inner sadness for no apparent reason

Feeling lost and or as if you are someone else

Loss of ego or personal identity, old beliefs changing, feeling disassociated or fragmented

Tears or crying for no apparent reason

Feeling lonely or isolated, even when in the company of others, as if others can’t hear or see you or you’re not relating

Desire to flee groups and crowds

Disimpassioned, no desire to do anything

Loss of motivation for hobbies and interests

Experiencing more clumsiness or losing balance bumping into things, lack of coordination

Feeling dizzy of lightheaded or jittery and nervous for no reason

Moments of memory loss of “what was I just doing, or why did I come in here”, forgetting simple things or conversations, brain fog, jumbled words or scattered thinking

Relationship Changes

Sudden or abrupt changes in relationships, job, career, living environment

Urge to relocate or being drawn to particular area or place, resonating with certain geographic locations

Changes in how you experience environment

Sudden feelings of being connected to nature and animals like never before

Increased sensitivity to plants, trees, flowers

A deep understanding and appreciation of nature and animals and more natural or serene environments

An overwhelming desire to be in nature or live around more natural and serene environments

Nature begins to energize you and bring you peace of mind and expand your heart

Change or withdrawal from family and friend relationships

Chance encounters with unusual or meaningful people entering your life in synchronistic ways


Changes in diet and eating habits and digestion

Fluctuating between feeling hungry all the time to lack of appetite

Foods and liquids begin to taste differently

Cravings may come and go

Healthier and more natural options may be more appealing than in the past

Digestion, IBS, bloating, and gastrointestinal issues

Swelling in lower abdomen and back

Sudden weight gain or loss especially in belly area

Sleep and Dreams

Unusual sleep patterns or changes in pattern

Sleeping in short bursts on and off

Finding more increased energy at night with frequent awakening between 2-4 a.m.

Periods of insomnia that last for days.

Intense or unusual or wild dreams or visions that can range from pleasant to bizarre to prophetic

Increased lucid dreaming or astral projecting or other out of body experiences

Specifically, you might be experiencing war and battle dreams, chase dreams or monster dreams. Many of us are literally releasing the old energy within and connecting with past lives, memories, experiences and knowledge.

Psychic Abilities

Increased psychic awareness and sensitivity and other extra-sensory abilities

Heightened intuition and the awakening of the third eye chakra or ‘inner vision’ and other chakras and psychic centers

Causing interference in electrical appliances

Electronic devices behaving in an unusual way or malfunctioning within your presence, especially when you are in a heightened state of emotion such as anger or sadness

Having light bulbs blow out or flicker when you are near

Batteries draining for no reason

Personally feeling more drained or energetically depleted near too many electrical devices or when around them for long periods of time

Sensitivity to electromagnetic fields and the ability to influence them

Odd Longings

Many of us are experiencing a deep longing to go home, yet we’re not sure what home means. This is perhaps the most difficult and challenging of any of the conditions. You may experience a deep and overwhelming desire to leave the planet and return to home. This is not a “suicidal” feeling. It is not based in anger or frustration. You don’t want to make a big deal of it or cause drama for yourself or others in your life. There is a quiet part of you that wants to go home to the Ancient Knowledge that you are now aligning with. The root cause for this is quite simple…you are ready to begin a new lifetime while still in this physical body.


Increased feelings of Divine and Unconditional LOVE

Moments of gratitude and deep appreciation for life

Increased peace, clarity, understanding and compassion

Profound revelations and insights

A sense of Oneness and interconnectedness

Feeling more connected with nature, other people, animals, the universe, Spirit/Source, God, the All, etc.

Encounters with angelic and cosmic beings and the awareness of the presence of non-physical entities or energies

Sudden increase in synchronicity and meaningful coincidences that occur frequently when you least expect them

Noticing 11:11 and other repeating number sequences such as 111, 1212, 333, 444, 144, or other numbers that are significant or meaningful popping up in your day-to-day life in unusual ways whenever you ‘happen to look’

Uncanny alignment of events or chance encounters

Meeting people in synchronistic ways which develop into significant relationships

If you identify with any of these conditions, know you are not alone! Most of us are likely experiencing many of these symptoms, and we are all in this journey together. The first step is to spend time becoming aware of what you are feeling. Then, you will be able to begin the process of examining why your own symptoms are manifesting for you.
I invite you to share your experiences"


*  Trauma clearing for Body Mind Spirit and Emotions is #1 in importance

* Ho O pono pono Im sorry, Please forgive me, I love you. Thank you.

* Lift your frequency up with a gratitude meditation of 20 thankful things before bed.

*  Eat lighter and healthier. Avoid sugar, ,,, BG4processed food, Gluten and GMO Roundup wheat products, red meat except bison. And bless your food energetically before eating.

2* Detox 1x per month. Include green drinks, lemon water and or dandelion tea daily.

* Take salt baths w lavendar Etc.

* Edit your friends list

* Go on a news diet

2* Use Orgonite & LIFEforce Enhancing Energy Shield Amulets to keep clear and energetically shielded

*  Earth Sun Circular breathwork to stay grounded and powered up.

* If we have a huge solar and/ or magnetic storm enough to make an aurora borealis
Lie on the ground to sync up w the current frequency and Shumann Resonance. Or do a tree grocking exercise. Earthing mats work too. Stay in sync and/or ahead of the wave as you surf the Shift.

*  Learn the Golden Egg Alchemical Shield and use it every day. And the blue bubble property protection.

* Meditate often

* Dance spiritually and fluidly

* White Light Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program conings by Machelle Small Wright

* Forest bathe in Nature.

* Gather in like minded groups to support one another thru the shift process.

*  Make art, music, writings of your clearing,  healing, and forgiveness process,

*   FORGIVENESS RITUAL: Write Angel Letters to those you must forgive (living or dead) and burn them sending them to your and their Angels  in order to rise up in frequency. And break contracts and non beneficial chords w them. H O pono pono.

*  Light exercise. No hard exercise. Its too much now

* Maintain a go w the flow attitude.

*  Embrace the Divine Feminine

*  Know all souls are ascending at different rates. Some who are not willing to clear trauma, forgive and love will not shift up this time around. That's ok. Love them anyway. They are where they are according to their soul paths and understandings. Changing them is not your business. Seing them in perfect form is...
Keep your eye on YOUR goal of shifting up.
Be a resonating soul to uplift others who wish to uplift themselves.

*  CDB is great for your aches and pains and depression, insomnia.  Amethyst Biomat sessions, massage, lymph drainage.

* Drink blessed and dowsed alcaline charged well or spr; ing water. Put shungite in your water.

* Scatter kindness.

Azurae Windwalker

Azurae Windwalker
Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher