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Azurae Windwalker is a Visionary Healing Shamanic Artist and Healer from Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Azurae is also a 35 year teacher of Practical Shamanism and Nature Spirit Energy Medicine. Her mission as a healer/teacher is to gently guide and inspire her students to access their innate talents for healing, intuitive wisdom, way showing and Earth keeping.

As a shamanic artist Azurae draws inspiration from her American Indian heritage, the Spirit in Nature and her spiritual artistic guides. She designs totemic petroglyphic art, Lifeforce Shield Protective Amulets and other shamanic art that is wonderfully energetic, mysterious and healing. Her work is collected by an international clientele.

Artist’s Statement: Shamen were the first artists. They created their art to benefit, help and heal their community. I seek the same purpose."

Sunday, December 21, 2014

How you can help the Amethyst Center and our recent accomplishments!

How You can Help us at the Amethyst Center!
Our Mission:
Reawaking to the Spirit of Nature and Nurturing the Spirit Within, . Expanding human potential through education, art, ceremony, Practical Shamanism, Nature Spirit Energy Medicine and Earthkeeping Adventures. Helping Mother Earth heal and up shift to a more sustainable and conscious dynamic.
Dear Friends,
 As you have noticed, Earth changes are accelerating.  We feel the rising energy of Mother Earth as high and low emotions and as painful physical symptoms.  Many  people puzzled over the meaning of the Mayan prophecy of 2012. It’s here! Gone! And the Shift continues. Physical symptoms of the acceleration in friends, students and clients continue.  The world seems to be going crazy.  But this too shall pass. WE are in the center of a healing crises for our people and  our planet.  What we vision, put our intent upon and take action on NOW determines how sustainable our future is.

Many shamen, scientists and sociologists agree that many challenges of today and the future stem from our disassociation from Nature.  Today, I invite you  to help us  make a measurable difference in what happens in the future of our beloved planetary home.  This is an opportunity to contribute to the Amethyst Center, LLC.   Our mission is to reawaken to the Spirit in Nature and Nurture the Spirit Within.  To  expand human potential, self-mastery,  healing and  sustainable living through education, art and ceremony.  AND to grow trained Earthkeepers help me in our various Earthkeeping projects.

Hunbatz Men, Mayan elder, Day keeper and caretaker of ancient wisdom said, Earth is suffering now because humans have lost the knowledge brought here by our ancestors of the planets.  This cosmic knowledge is the only thing that will help Mother Earth - to have ceremony on sacred ground, to have Mystery Schools to educate people, to teach the knowledge of the cosmos. To fulfill the Atlante-Itza prophecy, all people all over the world must return to sacred ceremonial centers to acquire knowledge or our future on our planet will be jeopardized.”  From Star Ancestors by Nancy Red Star.

The Amethyst Center is already serving our community and the Earth in many such ways. And very successfully! They include:

· Workshops by national leaders in alternative healing, shamanism, healing and  sustainable living.

· Practical Shamanism Nature Spirit Energy Medicine workshops which accelerate the self-mastery, healing, Earth keeping  and visionary abilities of our students.

· Practical Shamanism apprenticeships which awaken more advanced students to master their gifts & work together in advanced Earth keeping projects

· Earthkeeping missions to Great Serpent Mound, Mt. Mitchell, the Peaks of Otter, Sedona, the Outer Banks and other power spots to ease our Shift into the Fifth World.

· Full Moon and seasonal Woodland Indian ceremonies where we work with the Spirit in Nature for the benefit of all our relations.

· The building of a 70 point (and growing) world wide Amethyst Bio-Grid  which aids the ascension    process at power places for transmuting personal and planetary  toxins and elevating consciousness. Patricia Cotles-Robles says that our Amethyst Grid is the crystalized version of the violet flame which is the mechanism  Michael the Archangel uses for our personal and planetary up Shift and spiritual evolution/ascension.

· Building medicine wheels in Northern VA/DC  to raise the frequency there.

· Earth Change Acceleration Attunements to help participants avoid painful  negative  symptoms of the acceleration facilitating a return to wholeness and releasing of the Six       Energetic Epidemics

· Special rain making, fire extinguishing,  wind releasing, pollution and or radiation clearing ceremony during times of natural disaster.

· Educational and motivational outreach programs at churches, festivals, pow wows and Body Mind Spirit Expos etc.  Educational, inspirational and motivational articles published in our e-newsletter, website, facebook page, in magazines and other media

· The research and provision of tools that meet Earth change health challenges which now include the Amethyst Bio-mat, the Alka-Life water ionizer, and Sun Spiral Protective Energy Amulets. 

We have been actively pursuing these goals for seven years.  Now it is time to amplify our programs and offer them to a wider arena. Our 2015 deadline is fast approaching.  We need your help to fulfill our mission.  Won’t you help us? 

Many clients and students and fellow shamanic practitioners have been very generous this year and we thank them so very much. To be able  to move this already successful and proven project onward, I need to stay at home and get my book written. With a book, we will be able to touch a much broader audience.  many experts have told me that is the next thing I need to do  in a marketing program for the work of the Amethyst Center.  I have much of the material needed from what I have written for workshops but my spiritual guidance team have told me that I must channel more information and background from the original sources for the techniques we use in Practical Shamanism and Earthkeeping.  These include the Spirit in Nature, the Chief Healing Angels and many White Light Spiritual Masters.  I'm eager to start but I have to pay my bills. I just need a few months to complete this project.  Could you help with a donation?

Another focus of our financial needs are scholarships for apprentices and long term students who are willing and able to do the work but don't have the funds to travel and pay lodging on our Earthkeeping adventures.  It is so very important to have trained shamanic practitioners who have the skills and the spiritual strength for Earthkeeping projects.

Please say YES and share your donation today!

Here's how to donate!

 These are some of our Amethyst Center Accomplishments for 2013 - 2014


Physical operation improvements:

  • The stove chimney was fixed so we can have warmer gatherings in our Amethyst Center barn meeting center in winter.
  • A new sweat lodge was built with many volunteers helping and a sweat with guest Shaman Manin Erixon and her students from Northern Va was enjoyed by all.
  • The Herb Medicine Wheel Garden was repositioned so that the directional paths are once again aligned with the directions. (The directions have shifted almost a foot in the last few years!) This garden is used for teaching, healing ceremony and for making medicine from its powerful medicinal herbs.  We have over 70 medicinal herbs scattered around the property.
  • The ceremonial circle has newly moved cedar poles in line with the new directions. Under each pole is an amethyst connected with the Amethyst Bio grid so that the healing and prayers of our ceremonies travel all over the world!
  • Thanks to Shaman Manin, Mary Johnson and Steve and Nancy Long's contributions we have a nice new bathroom in the barn  with a composting toilet!
  • The meditation garden is renovated to encompass the thirty foot circle that is the size of the energy field of our resident Earth Angel ACEA.
  • The overgrowth in the fields have been cut back to enable more parking spaces.  There's much more to be  done on this though.
  • Electrical work was done to restore the ceiling lights and fans  to working order. They worked for a while but have been naughty and are once again on the blink! 
  • A cairn was built to commemorate our Little People hero, Slap Suspenders, who traveled to Mt. Mitchell and did major Earth  keeping tasks our with North Carolina Earthkeeping Team We also exchanged a little cement angel nearby which the Little People didn't like and kept knocking in the meditation pond with a fitting Nome, (which has remained in place!) 
  • A Divine Feminine Altar was built near the 300 year old Catalpa Tree with a crystal gifted from a similar altar near Serpent Mounds by Terri Sings With Ravens Rivera at the House of Phaecops Alternative Universe and Rock Shop.

Earthkeeeping and Amethyst Center Successes 2013 - 2014:

  • Fall Harvest of 2013 brought 26  people to the Amethyst Center to first do an Earthkeeping ceremony to clear radiation from the oceans caused by the Fukashima disaster.  Then our friends at the traditional Fall Harvest Ceremony experienced  seven miracles!
  •  Three medicine wheels have been built in the DC area with stones being donated from all over the country. When we circle DC with active prayer in medicine wheels we can go a long way to raising the consciousness there. 
  • Summer solstice of 2013 and 2014 saw 14+ people on top of the Peaks of Otter in a secret ceremonial spot  doing pipe ceremony for Personal and Planetary healing and sending our prayers around the world on the Amethyst Bio-Grid.
  • Three Gateway Healing Ceremonies were completed in DC, at Unity of Roanoke Valley and at the Amethyst Center. In the year previous we also completed these ceremonies in Asheville and Raleigh. These beautiful ceremonies raise the frequency of all attending and send healing to a 300 mile radius using shamanic art, color, toning. crystals, candles, aromatherapy, herbs, totems and divine help from the Chief Healing Angels, the Spirit in Nature and the White Light Masters.
  • Fifteen more amethyst points were placed all over the world upping our Amethyst Bio grid to 70+ points.  Some of the places receiving points include three sacred sites in Hawaii, the German Alps, the Danube River, Sedona vortexes,  Austria, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, Georgia Coastal Islands, Russia,  Canada, Alaska and many more. A gallon bag of amethyst points were donated in Waynesboro at the Chrysalis group when I spoke but we are almost out!  We need donations to buy more!
  • Two students went through the five weekend training to be initiated as Earthkeepers in Nature Spirit Energy Medicine.  Ten more completed two of the five workshops and may catch up this coming year.
  • One current apprentice has made it to advanced level and is offering her own shamanic healings, readings, ceremonies and Earthkeeping services. Four graduated apprentices are working at the advanced level already.
  • Eight students and Earthkeeper friends traveled to Sedona to work on balancing Divine Male energy with that of the Divine Feminine Energies for ourselves and Mother Earth. This was given to us as the goal for the next three years. It was a scouting trip where we had to locate the sites to best accomplish our goals and learn the spiritual terrain. Helping us was Shamanic guide, Rahelio Rodriguez who led us in healing ceremony and sweat lodge. This will be repeated on a larger scale next fall. We learned a lot, cleared a lot of heavy energy personally, met the Spirit of Nature there, made friends with the Divine Feminine Spirit there,  caught many spiritual beings on camera and had the shamanic adventure of a lifetime!
  • Five more apprentices are in the queue for the next four year program to begin.
  • Research for clearing Djinn from people and places has met with some success after having a few run ins with these chaos creating dimensional beings who feed off of fear and negativity. 
  • A five workshop curriculum for Nature Spirit Energy Medicine has been completed and written and this, as well as the Practical Shamanic techniques we have been using for years will be the basis for my upcoming book.
  • I have lectured broadly informing people about how the Spirit in Nature can help and heal them. Locations include Roanoke, Raleigh, Northern VA, MD, West VA, Asheville, and Ohio.
  • We had a booth at Earth Day and the Local Colors International Event in Roanoke promoting caretaking Mother Earth. Shamanic art and healing booths at the body mind spirit expos in Raleigh and Roanoke and the DC Pathways Whole Living Expo also promote this in brochures.
  • We appeared on TV in DC talking about the Amethyst Center work.
  • Research continues on how the solar flares, magnetic field fluxations of Earth, and upshift of the frequency of Mother Earth affects human behavior and health. An article on Helping Strategies  for the Shift Symptoms has been published and is widely distributed in the internet. 
  • Research on how crop circles affect  human behavior and health has begun but has been shelved for the time being as we have not had crop circles in Bedford County VA for several years after a three year series of numerous circle makings. Author of Secrets in the Fields,  Freddy Silva, agreed that ours were for real and we turned in reports to the US Crop Circle Investigative organization. Freddy said that our ceremonial activities probably influenced the circle making. Water, crystals, limestone and  the presence of ley lines must be present so that  Pleadian  and elementals can  make the crop designs. Freddy also said where they are made that location is being programmed to be a center of Light! So...the Amethyst Center is in the right place.
  • In our first ever Halloween séance attended by 12 people  my apprentice contacted an old shaman friend of mine on the other side who said that we are in a safe place here at the Amethyst Center for the ensuing chaos which will peak in seven years. She said becoming sustainable and self sufficient was VERY important so we are planning accordingly.


































                        Tuesday, November 4, 2014

                        Sedona Vortex

                        Reflections upon the Sedona Vortex Experience as an Aid to the Soul Transformation Process

                         This was written for my shamanic students who traveled with me to the Sedona Vortexes on an Earthkeeper Adventure and scouting party for a larger group next year.  Sacred places and vortexes are everywhere. We worked quite often with the vortexes here at the Amethyst Center and at the Peaks of Otter near here in Bedford County.  We have worked many years also at Great Serpent Mound in Ohio. The solar flare energies we are experiencing  have much the same affect on folks as the vortexes do.  So I am sharing this. Contained within is some very important information  for all of us.  I'm blogging it for the highest good of all our relations. Many thanks to Mary Glass, Eve Ah, and Linda Ferguson for awesome orb and vortex photographs.  Walk in balance...Azurae Windwalker.

                        Shamanic adventures are nebulous events, like the gossamer wings of dragonflies.  Sometimes it’s hard to pin down the beneficial results but there they are…. flying about ….darting in and out of our soul transformation process, intriguing and seducing us to move higher up the spiral of evolution.

                        The energies and spirits of sacred places like the vortexes have been used for centuries by seekers to speed up the soul transformation process.  As Shamanic Earthkeeper Adventurers we seek carry this legacy forward. The difference in the soul process of an Earthkeeper is that as we work for our own soul transformation we seek to magnify transformation for all our relations and for Mother Earth.

                        It is not known how many of you may have ever heard of the butterfly effect, but sometime in the early 1960s, a scientist named Edward Lorenz, in an accidental quirk, came across what should have been an otherwise a nearly non-observable event --- an event that terminated in a huge magnification of the downstream outcome --- and because of that outcome, in December of 1972, Lorenz asked members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, D.C., “Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in Brazil set off a Tornado in Texas?” --- making reference to the fact that small, almost imperceptible happenstances or events can have huge and momentous consequences.

                        So has the flap of our dragonfly wings created momentous consequences?  Perhaps.  We may never know in our lifetime. Only as Spirits can we see so far.  Let us continue to pray and do our best to move out of the victim stage of soul consciousness, through the student stage and on to spiritual mastery. As masters we can help so much more and so  many others along the spiral evolutionary soul path and work effectively with the Spirit in Nature for Planetary Healing. There has never been a time when we can move so quickly up the spiral path.

                        As suggested by the proposal (if you read it) , “The Earthkeeper Adventure begins with a time of personal healing, going into the heart soul center, and seeking your personal soul mission and how it fits into our group mission through meditation, song, dance and shamanic journey. Then we practice shamanic techniques for Earth energy healing. Finally we traveled to vortexes and power spots for our (shamanizing) work.”  Review the experience. This is what occurred.

                        The real shamanic work on this adventure was orchestrated by the Spirit if the Land, the vortex energies and the Supernaturals inhabiting this sacred place. It was never about me.  I was (and Shaman Rahelio Rodreguiz) the shamanic tour guide(s) sitting at the bottom of the hill drumming, praying and sending intent to the Supernaturals for your healing and soul transformation. It is clear to me that the synchronicities leading up to the trip and how it flowed that our Adventure was divinely guided all the way.  You as an experiencer and shamanic student had the final say on your own experience of healing.

                        “In the end…… the love you take…..  is equal to the Love…….. you make” John Lennon

                        The spiritual results and feelings you experienced in Sedona and afterwards are in direct correlation with your absence of ego, your openness and hollow boneness to the healing shared by these mighty spirit beings around the vortex energies.  Perhaps you would benefit from examining your emotional landscape during the trip and after to see how you were and are interacting from the energies of Sedona. In the Soul Transformation process you are either  a victim, student or master.  From You Are Not Going Crazy You’re Just Waking Up by Michael Mirdad we learn the stages of mastery:

                        VICTIMS – These folks continually feel dragged through life’s upheavals instead of seeing problems as opportunities to awaken healing and responsibility for their own lives.. Their victim attitudes keeps them moving through the dismantling, emptiness and disorientation stages of the process rather than reaching the student or master level of consciousness.

                        STUDENTS -  They no longer see themselves as victims. They do their best to consciously make changes to improve their lives which allows them to cross the bridge to the Rebuilding and A New Life stages of development.

                        MASTERS – They have the awareness “to be the soul itself that initiates the  Soul Transformation Process.” Masters dismantle personal illusions about life, themselves, the people in their lives and find Truth. Painful illusions become few and far between. They walk in balance and manifest harmony. Problems become adventures.  The Hawaiian Huna shamans call it, “the way of the adventurer.”  Get it?

                        How the Vortexes work on our Emotional Bodies and Our Soul Transformation.

                        In your Soul Transformation Process you can create a crisis to bring you to your knees or simply decide that it makes sense to move on to a new way of living. You can learn life’s lessons the easy way or the hard way. What do you choose? In a brief conversation at Roanoke’s Unity Michael Mirdad agreed that a powerful vortex experience can be very challenging for some folks.  Yes,   you CAN use the energy of Sedona to choose an EASIER way.

                        • Upflow Vortexes (also called electric or masculine sites), have energy flows that help you soar to higher spiritual perspectives. They enhance prayers or meditations for blending with the Universe, feeling one with the divine, or facing a problem from a Soul level. (Bell Rock was an example of this.) If you carry too much male angry competitive aggressive energy your experience with this kind of vortex will precipitate in angry, competitive and or aggressive behaviors. Stop!!!!!! Take a look at yourself! Is this you? How does your ego self react?

                        • Inflow Vortexes (also called magnetic or feminine), have energy flows that help you go inward. In them you will be more successful with meditations or prayers about your life purposes or how to heal hurts in your past. (The Fish Hatchery by the creek and the small vortex where we began the  Wheel of Disintegration   was magnetic as well as the arroyo that Mary Ann, Eva and I laid) If you carry too much feminine energy you will be a whiner, complainer, have low self esteem, be fearful and/or passive aggressive. Stop!!!!! Is this you? How can you change this?

                        • There are also Combination Vortexes that have aspects of both male and female energies. They are balanced and induce a more balanced consciousness. These allow the seeker to experience more advanced or in-depth spiritual skills and meditations. (Boynton Canyon and the Cathedral) Balanced people do not experience a lot of drama. If they are masters they choose to dismantle whatever blocks their spiritual paths or whatever appears in their lives that is not the Truth.  Once masters become proficient in dismantling personal illusions about life and themselves, such painful illusions become few and far between and their lives consistently manifest more harmony. THIS IS OUR PERSONAL AND PLANETARY GOAL!

                        Reflection, Dismantling and Rebuilding

                        Reflection, Dismantling and Rebuilding are the next steps in our adventure. Chances are that you have processed some of what has been bubbling up out of you consciousness and your soul’s blueprint. . I have been doing that.  I hope that you have given yourself the time out of your busy schedules to do so and reap the benefits of your investment.   If not make a date with yourself and begin the process. We can only advance as balanced masters and Earthkeepers if we have worked our own Soul Transformation Processes.

                         As an avid fan of synchronicity I believe that it was no accident that world renowned spiritual teacher, healer, author and Sedona Unity Minister, Michael Mirdad, was in Roanoke a few weeks after we returned home. I suggested that one of my clients who needed positive  male modeling   have a private session with him in order to release her profound grief for the loss of her husband (who was also a client) and build up her personal power. I bought his book, You’re Not Going Crazy, You’re Just Waking Up! for her. Then I read it. Wow!  Instead, it has been invaluable to me in understanding the healing processes I saw in such glaring evidence in you and myself during and after Sedona.  The vortexes do accelerate soul healing exponentially. So what some folks see as evil issuing from the vortexes (or what negativity  they project upon others)  is only their own darkness hitting themselves in the face.

                         This invaluable little book has many exercises that will help you along the Soul Transformation Process!  It teaches you about the stages of soul growth which are            1. Dismantling (sometimes called the dark night of the soul)    2. Emptiness  3. Disorientation   4. Rebuilding   5. A New Life……. Where do you  fit in these stages?  

                        I  wish I had had this information years ago for myself and for helping others.   However, it was only downloaded to Michael in 2013 to help us along the vastly accelerated soul evolutionary pathway we now experience. Perhaps some of the Sedona Spirits we met and took pictures of were the downloaders! Please read and work with this book! I am!  You may purchase it at www.GrailProductions.com.  IT WOULD BE WELL WORTH THE $15.  I imagine that the Wheel of Disintegration and Integration Process we began in Sedona will also help you through these stages if you continue to work on it.

                        Being the Vortex

                        For a vortex to occur or BE, an incredible amount of things have to be in place or go before it.   The Sedona Vortex experience as an impetus for Soul Transformation can be imagined to be fleeting in time like the gossamer wings of the dragonfly gliding upon the Fish Hatchery Pond or it can be forever relative to our lives. In Carlos Castaneda's eighth book in his series,  Power of Silence, Don Juan, spoke of how he first met HIS teacher Julian Osorio. He tells Castaneda that when a person's Spirit (or Soul) has something extremely important to communicate, it will "knock" three times. If one has the ability or is spiritually in tune with such things, three clear, unambiguous "meaningful coincidences" will be received showing that a certain decision is needed to be made or that an indication of a prediction is correct.

                        For me to spend the considerable time, energy and money to lead this Sedona Adventure  I needed these signs.  These “meaningful coincidences” were:

                        1. Receiving the gift three years ago of  a Sedona Vortex CD/DVD tour guide (which mysteriously vanished at the lodge because we were supposed to follow our own inner directions and listen to the Spirit of the Land) 

                        2. Finding the Artist and Shaman documentary four years ago which verified that Rahelio Rodriguez was to be our shamanic guide and introduce us to the Spirit Doctors and Supernaturals there.  Also knowing and singing the E not teh not zi calling in song  for the Divine Feminine goddess of the Southwest and Mexico who according to Shaman Rahelio  became Mother Mary upon the Christianization of the Indians. She is an equivalent of White Buffalo Calf Woman who is a guide to me. And she very powerfully showed up at Boynton Canyon to help and heal us.

                         3. Talking to Michael Mirdad and reading his book You’re Not Going Crazy, You’re Just Waking Up!  which explaiedn the true meaning of the vortex experience as an aid to advanced  soul transformation.

                        Did you have any “meaningful coincidences” associated with the Shamanic Earthkeeper Adventure?  What were they?  If so…… you were supposed to be there…..

                        And since we are all related,  as in  “I am the you, you see and me” as the Hopi say, It was totally meant for us to have the mix of people we had from all stages of soul development. How else could we have our buttons pushed and have the mirrors to do our shamanic work for ourselves and ALL others for Planetary healing? How else could the students flex their muscles as counselors and  teachers becoming masters at such an accelerated rate?

                        To cope with the Soul Transformative process Mirdad says to:

                        ·         Practice self responsibility and self awareness.

                        ·         Relax into the process and minimize blame for yourself and others as you work through the transformational stages.

                        ·         Cultivate supportive friends who support your process  and listen to you and let them know they don’t need to fix you or tell you about how much worse their lives are than yours.

                        ·         Don’t be too hard on yourself. Have an attitude of gratitude for all your lessons and healings on the path. Thankfulness begets positive outcomes.

                        ·         Give yourself credit for having the courage to change. Don’t get self-inflated and move on prematurely and or the lesson will slingshot back to you. Work the process.

                        ·         Look out for residual stuff that needs processing or for inspirations, signs and coincidences that offer hints of a new direction.

                        ·         Enjoy the ride.  Make challenges into adventures. Did we?

                        Clearing Up the Sedona Shamanic Perspective

                        I talked to Shaman Nella Silverspear  recently and expressed my concern that some of you didn’t quite understand  the transcendental nature of a Shamanic Adventure.  Even more advanced students grasp of our means and mission was cloudy.  I explained to her that we were scouts and that we didn’t know the territory shamanically.  (Yes we could have had an opening briefing to express the situation more clearly saying that Nothing in fact WAS clear)  But for me, operating in a shamanic perspective, our opening ceremony in the medicine wheel of grounding, Calling in the Directions for help, the Sunray Dance, finding our place on the wheel, and putting tobacco prayers in the wheel for our personal  and planetary missions was the shamanic way to set the stage.

                        We knew neither the landscape, the effects of the vortexes or the Supernatural beings who worked there.  So it was required of me, as your fearless leader, to intuit this as we went along.  And for those of you who are advanced students, to help in this as best you could.  Shaman Nella agreed, this is the nature of the shamanic experience. We have no roadmap. We have only our intuition and the ability to read the signs or coincidences as we move along the path. This is the realm of Self Mastery.

                        I went into this adventure with a true Shaman’s Mind…... Open, neutral, surrendering, taking a leap of faith and going with the flow. Those of you who shared this Shaman’s Mind  had much better experiences than  that others.  I had some expectations and plans  but since I didn’t know the physical area and (more importantly to a shaman), the Guiding and Healing  Spirits of the Land, it was required that I spend a lot of time questioning and listening for answers.  (When you listen to Spirit… what our logical minds may plan goes out the door!)  I was asking where do we go and what shamanic techniques fit the healing energies and entities of the landscape? Will the Spirit of the Land and the Supernaturals here accept us and work with us?   How can we best work shamanically together and individually in  order to fulfill our missions for both personal and planetary healing? The questions we ask lead the way.

                        I hope that you have learned more about  how a shaman works, the Shaman Mind and the  shamanic experience through watching and experiencing my work and Shaman Rahelio’s work. We don’t know everything. We are just good at channeling the High Spiritual Masters, the Spirit of Nature and the Chief Angels who do.

                        Sedona Unity Minister and spiritual master Michael Mirdad says, “Human beings tend to be control freaks. The propensity to jump in and take control is never strongest than when you feel afraid and/or out of control. Refrain from jumping in and meddling with things.  As much as you can and as often as possible to let go of the desire of control. As A Course in Miracles expresses it, “A healed Mind does not plan….but it carries out the plans  that it receives through listening to wisdom that is not its own.””

                         Thank you for being a good scout and Shamanic Earthkeeper Adventurer. Keep asking the questions, listening and looking for the answers. The Truth is there waiting for you. It is in you!

                        May the gossamer wings of the dragonfly take you to new dimensions of Soul Transformation! 

                        Walk in balance, Azurae Windwalker

                        Monday, October 27, 2014

                        Seance and Spirit Readings w/ Charotte Murphy and Azurae Halloween night!

                        Seance and Spirit Readings w/ Charlotte Murphy and Azurae at the Amethyst Center Sat. Oct 29, 2016

                        Seance Friday Oct. 29   2016 6:30 sharp at the Amethyst Center (20 min. from Roanoke)   Sat. Oct. 30  Private Spirit Messages from departed loved ones w/ Charlotte by appointment all day.

                        What better way to spend Halloween weekend than a seance at the Amethyst Center? From 6:30 - 9 30.   You will receive clear concise messages from your departed friends and family on the other side from Charlotte Murphy, RN at the séance and also during private appointments on Sat. Nov. 1!    At the A.R.E Charlotte honed her empathic and psychic abilities. During this time, she also studied many metaphysical concepts as a member of the Rosicrucian Order. To further her skills as a Clairaudient Medium, she then studied with Reverends Sally Knuckles and Reed Brown of the United Metaphysical Churches of Virginia. 

                         Currently Charlotte is a Shamanic Practitioner apprenticed to Shaman Azurae Windwalker of "The White Eagle School of Shamanic Healing Arts" in Thaxton, Virginia. She continues to study with Andean Nature Mystic, don Zane Curfman of Parkersburg, WV to expand her understanding of the Peruvian concept of shamanism. As a teacher and Shamanic Practitioner, she has taught "Healing With Nature Classes" at the Arlington Metaphysical Chapel and Unity Church of Roanoke as well as, giving Angel Card Spiritual Readings at their Body Mind Spirit Fest. She currently teaches a metaphysical/psychic development class in Nitro WV.  Charlotte is a n outstanding  shamanic healer and is   certified  in Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), and KoLaimNi .

                        The Amethyst Center is a wonderful place to channel because its such a high frequency place.  In fact we have a real resident angel in our meditation garden!!!!!  Internationally known dowser Raymon Grace said that the highest frequency place he ever worked, Sante Fe, was 25 on his dowsing scale. The Amethyst Center registered 24 when he dowsed here!!!!!! Come a little early if you want to sit and meditate with the angel. Séance is Sat,. Oct. 29 at 6:30 pm. - 9:30  $20 suggested love offering.   Sat.  enjoy Angel and Fairy Card readings Basic Readings $60.  Add $10 for optional past life connections.  

                        Mediumship - Receive a private reading and connect with your lost loved ones. $60 for 30 mins.  Appointments available 11 am—5 pm Sat. Oct. 29

                        Azurae and Charlotte also do Land and home clearing of ghosts  non-beneficial spirits too.  House and land clearings help heal your environment by removing non-beneficial energies from your home. This could include energetic residue from  traumatic events that may have occurred on site, spirit attachments or "ghosts", and disgruntled nature spirits. Once the area has been cleared the area is filled with Healing Love by Calling in the Archangels/ Nature Spirits. Base Rate: $40* Moderate to Severe Problems: $90 to $150 *On site clearings are subject     to an additional travel charge depending on distance and location.

                        Also available Sat. Nov. 1 - Soul Retrieval Portraits with Azurae Windwalker - See your perfected soul blueprint in art and be more of who you truly are! Retrieve lost soul parts. Return to your authentic self. Let shamanic artist, Azurae Windwalker, capture the blueprint of your soul’s frequency in pastels & charcoal.  You’ll have an unforgettable healing and inspirational experience. Receive wisdom of your soul’s mission as defined by your gifts and talents. Find your totems, angels, enlightened ancestral guides, soul colors and symbols. Be empowered by your true beauty!  Use your Soul Portrait as a shamanic tool for self-realization and retrieve more soul parts later!  **45 min – 1 hr. session, includes oral and written interpretation, art and soul retrieval. $100  ($75 without soul retrieval

                         Call 540-947-2423 or azuraewwlkr8@earthlink.net for an   appointment. The Amethyst Center, 4443 Quarterwood Rd.,  Thaxton, VA 24174  See www.theAmethystCenter.com for directions.

                        Friday, September 12, 2014

                        How to Deal with Earthchange, Shift and Solar Flare Energy

                        Solar Flare and Magnetic Field Fluxuation  Survival

                        At the last Crystal Spa and Grids Workshop at the Amethyst Center we were all totally spaced out due to incoming solar flare energy. In the week before three of our council members could not even retain the simplest thoughts. And a psychic friend was sent to the hospital babbling nonsense.  The doctors found nothing wrong!!!!!   NOT good!!!! You may be experiencing headaches, ear ringing, insomnia, clumsiness, feeling like your crown chakra was burned out, stomach troubles etc. yourself. These are solutions that worked for us. 

                        After finishing with these techniques at the Crystal Spa and Grids workshop we were back to our chipper clear thinking selves. Yea! I'm so happy to think clearly and get my energy back in balance!!!!! Try these. They will help. Promise. Or come to a Crystal Spa Grid workshop in your area.

                        Cleansing with the Violet Flame Net of Michael the Archangel
                        The violet flame has been used throughout time as a cleansing and transformative energy discipline. Even  mainstream “weight loss” meditation tapes use the violet flame.  Many people associate the violet flame meditations with Saint Germaine and Archangel Michael. The color violet calls the energy of healing masters and transmutes negativity.  It is said that the mechanism of the ascension process is the violet flame!  The violet flame in matter is represented by the amethyst. This correlates with the Amethyst Bio grid project, a project of the students and shamanic practitioner friends of the Amethyst Center 

                        The real “Medicine” in this shamanic healing technique is the cleansing power of the color combined with your intent and the unlimited power of Archangel Michael.  When using the violet flame net,  choose a time at home or office when nobody else is about (early or late).  You might want to combine lavender herb and/or amethyst stones with your cleansing.  They carry the same frequency to enhance the practice.

                        First, you must power up using the Circular Earth Sun Breathing.  As you become more tuned into your breath, begin to visualize and feel a spiral of energy coming up from the consciousness  of the Earth.  Breathe through your nose on each in-breath bringing the Earth energy up your back.  On each out-breath through your mouth see and feel a spiral of energy coming down from the Sun which is connected to the Central Sun- Great Spirit.  Keep your tongue at the top of your mouth. Now say the Light Invocation:
                        The Light Invocation
                        I am the Light, the Light is within me
                        The Light Moves throughout me
                        The  Light supports me, the Light protects me
                        I am the Light (say invocation at least 3x)
                        Thank you, Thank you, Thank you (at the end)

                        Space Cleansing - Ask Archangel Michael to help you clear the room and your body. Also ask for any beneficial specialists in space clearing to attend. First we’ll clear your work room.    Fill your body with energy.  Now send the extra energy out of your solar plexus or heart.  Let this energy begin to build in front of you as a large ball.  Now see and feel this energy turn into a violet flame that grows and grows to fill the room.  Let Archangel Michael cast down a net filled with violet flame and watch him pull it up to the Light to be transmuted and reused. He’ll repeat this as many times as needed. You can do the whole house with practice.  Sometimes the flame will change colors. That’s ok. It will change as needed.

                        Personal Cleansing - Now cleanse yourself with the Violet Flame Net of Michael the Archangel working from  head to feet on the whole body. Ask Michael the Archangel to help you and your other master healing angels. Muscle test that Michael Archangel  is there.  Do this with the crystal grid to clear environment toxicity below on your lower body. If you need to tape the crystals on.

                        1.    He throws the net  beneath your head  and pulls it up from  head to feet. You’ll see it glow brightly as it intersects in areas that need more clearing. Michael sends the nonbeneficial energy, matter ,entities or spirit attachment to higher dimensions to be recycled, transmuted and reused. You can affirm, “Any energy or entity, which is not for the highest good, be gone and go to the Light”. 
                        2.    Then the netting is reduced to pick up cellular size dark non beneficial energy, matter or entities. The netting also picks up cancer cells, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals not beneficial to you as it goes. And again Michael pulls the net up through your body and clears the debris sending it to be recycled in the Light.
                        3.    The net is reduced to pick up DNA size anomalies and re-calibrates your DNA to perfection. If you are up for more DNA strands to be reconnected then this also can be done.  The net is drawn through your body from feet to head. The non-beneficial energy and DNA mis-programming is sent by Michael Archangel to the Light.
                        4.    Finally the net clears non beneficial energy, entities or matter at the atomic levels. You’ll be clear through and through after doing this!!!!!
                        5.    You might  be able to see dark energies and entities coming out of your feet. Michael Archangel will send the non beneficial energy, matter or entities to the Source for transmutation and  recycling  I use this technique after teaching workshops to cleanse any energy picked up from students or the workshop location. You can use it in the same manner after being in big crowds or after encountering very negative situations, places or people.
                        6.    Then it is good re-clear your work space and  to use toning or dowsing to raise the energy of your work space.
                        7.    Recite the Light Invocation again  3 x to fill up with Light.
                        8.    Put on your Golden Egg Shield if going out in the world.

                         Crystal Grid Meditation to clear environmental toxicity from your body

                         Airborne pollutants of petroleum, pesticides, chemtrails,  cleaning chemicals, preservatives in foods, weed control chemicals are just a few of the challenges we face. Problems these produce are weak immune systems, sleep difficulties, behavior changes, asthma, eczema and chronic fatigue. Moonstone, rose quartz, lapis, aquamarine, sugelite, amethyst, and charoite (choose 3 of one type) and 3 clear crystal points are used to detoxify and balance the sacral chakra.  A healthy sacral chakra encourages flexibility of mental processes and relaxation. This simple layout balances all aspects of the sacral. This detoxifies and reduces tension.

                        1.    Select three of the same type stones from these type stones. We used amethysts very effectively with the clear quartz crystals. Moonstone, rose quartz, lapis, aquamarine, sugelite, amethyst, and/or charoite are the choices and also you need 3 clear crystal points

                        2. Lie down and place three crystals  with points directed at your feet, between your navel and pubic bone in a downward pointing triangle.

                        3.    Place the three other stones in an arc with the central lowest stone placed on your pubic bone.  Relax 5-6 min. before getting up. This can be repeated at regular intervals once a week or once a month.

                        Planetary Consciousness Earth Goddess

                        We all bound into a closely interrelated system. Thus every being on Earth responds to changes in weather, climate, magnetic field, and others emotions. Recent surveys show a correlation between fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field and large scale human events. The concept of Gaia is a modern version of the Goddess of the Earth, the origin and sustainer of life. This net helps increase the awareness of how our lives and that of our planet are interconnected.
                        9 labradorites     1 optional /black tourmaline    1 herkimer diamond

                        1.    Spread out a green cloth on the floor. You may put on a green light or spend a moment breathing green colored air.
                        2.    Position one labradorite  so when you lie down it will be just above your head. Place two more - one under each foot
                        3.    Space three more labs along each side of your body evenly spaced
                        4.    If you need grounding place a tourmaline below your feet at midline
                        5.    Place the Herkimer diamond on the center of your brow. Close your eyes and relax.
                        6.    After 4-5 min. climb out of the net. Remember to remove te Herkimer diamond from your brow.
                        7.    Cleanse the crystals and relax before resuming activities.

                        Azurae Windwalker

                        Azurae Windwalker
                        Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher