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Azurae Windwalker is a Visionary Healing Shamanic Artist and Healer from Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Azurae is also a 35 year teacher of Practical Shamanism and Nature Spirit Energy Medicine. Her mission as a healer/teacher is to gently guide and inspire her students to access their innate talents for healing, intuitive wisdom, way showing and Earth keeping.

As a shamanic artist Azurae draws inspiration from her American Indian heritage, the Spirit in Nature and her spiritual artistic guides. She designs totemic petroglyphic art, Lifeforce Shield Protective Amulets and other shamanic art that is wonderfully energetic, mysterious and healing. Her work is collected by an international clientele.

Artist’s Statement: Shamen were the first artists. They created their art to benefit, help and heal their community. I seek the same purpose."

How to Beat the Symptoms of the Shift

Beating the Earthchange Acceleration Blues

Experiencing the Gift of the Shift

By Azurae Windwalker

So, you’ve been feeling a bit strange?  Chances are you have symptoms of Earthchange Acceleration.  High Frequency energies are bathing Mother Earth at this time resulting in cellular and DNA transformation.  Many of you are feeling the effects yet most do not understand the causes nor have any solutions to the challenges brought about by Earth change energies.  In this article, I wish to shine light upon what is happening here on Earth in simple non-fear based terms and explain symptoms.  Finally, I wish to give you some healing ways for easing yourself through the Earthchange Acceleration Blues.

The Underlying Challenge:

In twenty years the Earth’s frequency has accelerated from an unparalleled 7.8 to 13-14 on the Shuman Resonance Scale (which is actually the Earth’s heartbeat.)  What this means is that the increased frequency will push out any emotional or physical baggage you have.  Thus as you adjust, varying symptoms occur.  Huge infusions of Light are transmuting plants, animals, humans and Mother Earth herself to shift us into a bright new era.  Many say that through the frequency shift our DNA is changing and we are reconnecting “junk DNA” into more helixes!  This stress is causing uncomfortable physical symptoms.  These are symptoms of the coming of what the the Mayans call the Fifth World.

I was introduced to this subject 15 years ago by my friend Humble Bear, who makes burial, vaults.  He made a comparative analysis with a VA Tech scientist studying the Earth’s heartbeat.  Humble Bear and his scientist friend found several years ago that deaths went up significantly when we reached the earthquake frequency of 18 on the Schuman Resonance Scale.  The high energy from an earthquake travelled far across the globe to Blacksburg, VA through the Earth’s body, through rocks, trees, and all material objects including our bodies.  Bear’s usual two burials per weekend at 12 Shuman Resonance rose to six burials at 18 Shuman Resonance.  This shows that those born in 7.8 Shuman Resonance who does not accelerate their personal frequencies in line with the higher Earth frequency may experience fatal growing pains.  We see more senseless violence from humans as the higher energy pushes out dark heavy emotions.  The good news is, it is easier than ever before to clear heavy energy, and ride the waves of earthchanges, solar flares, surf the shift and heal! Like it or not, this is all part of the transformational process into the Fifth World as we head to the higher frequencies  and experience the gift of the Shift.

Three years ago at the Amethyst Center in Bedford Co., VA we experienced a profound shift from 13 to 14 hertz resulting in my experiencing several of the following symptoms and furthering my research into “Beating the Earthchange Acceleration Blues!”  This process is all part of our evolution into homo universalis!  My experience is that many of the symptoms may last from two to four months depending on how you take care of yourself.  Some may reoccur. We are energetic beings living in physical bodies. According to famous healer Patti Cocklin. “Energies need to get chaotic for you to fix it.  Trauma always goes to the weakest point”.  So follow your symptoms to their weakest point and do something about them! It is easier than ever to extract negative energy, now, during the Shift.  Following the tips below will certainly help alleviate and shorten the symptoms. 

We can use this gift of the shift and this increased energy for healing and helping ourselves, others and the planet.  Eventually low frequency fear based people and institutions that hold us back in the ascension process will either change or crumble.  Or some say we might even come to exist in an alternative fifth dimension from them.  Life now is an adventure.  Enjoy the ride!

The Symptoms: 

Take the test.  Check how many of these symptoms apply to you and your friends.

Physical:  The physical symptoms include the need for more sleep or on the other hand insomnia; tiredness or lots of extra energy; a need for a lot of sleep and flu like symptoms that do not respond to antibiotics.  Also, unusual aches and pains in joints and bones as well as sudden shooting pain in headaches not responding to pain killers are symptoms.  Pain in the eyes; weight gain or loss or changes in body shape; immune system weakening, lymphatic system changes, diarrhea, stomach ache, bloating and ringing in the ears may occur.  Muscle spasms in the back and temporary loss of strength in the hands may occur.  Also evident are the eyes and skin becoming darker, ridges on the fingernails, hot and cold flashes, heart palpations, sweats, migraines, energy rushes, sinusitis, bronchitis and a general feeling of toxicity.

Some of these symptoms are being felt by many people.  Many are rushing off to their doctor, herbalist, chiropractor or alternative healer.  They are usually told that nothing is wrong with them.  This is the truth!  For all these symptoms are just temporary and simply indicate physiological changes are occurring which are necessary for of focus; increased brain burp short circuits; feeling wonderful then crashing into depression; increased clairvoyant abilities; a shortened time between thoughts and their returned results and difficulty remembering past limiting memories as useless data is eliminated from your memory files.

Spiritual:  A yearning to be whole. A greater alignment with the soul’s true purpose; feeling yourself as being part of All That Is; embracing yourself as a multi-dimensional light being; increased ability to communicate with guides, angel, ancestors, and the Spirit in Nature.  Also evident are time and dimensional travel in dreams, shamanic journeys and in the ordinary world; feeling a call to work in alignment with Mother Earth’s energies and finding your prayers to be more effective.

Emotional:  You may feel that something is going on but you don’t know what.  Now you do!  The emotional symptoms include fits of temper, stress or euphoria; loss of emotional centering; mood swings; increased out-of-body experiences and increased intuitive and empathetic powers.  Trauma and issues that you thought you had cleared resurface so you can finally heal them.  Core traumas from other lives and from DNA memory are surfacing to be revealed in physical symptoms. You may experience an inner need to change parts of your life that no longer give you joy or work for you.  Often heard comments are about bouts of depression experienced for no reason.  Folks feel a real need to look at past relationships and get clarity on them.  And often people feel a great need to purge!

Dealing with the Earthchange Acceleration Blues involves keeping your personal frequency ahead of the rising energy on the planet, thus avoiding toxicity and lessening the symptoms of the shift.  Look at it as if your goal would be to ride your surfboard just ahead of the wave of energy.  The frequencies of various regions differ widely so adjust accordingly.  These tips were contributed from many top level healers who are friends of mine and from my Spirit Doctors in non-ordinary reality.

Here Are Some Tips for An Easier Acceleration

Å      Practice Earth Sun Breathing - This which anchors you into the Sophia soul of the Earth’s core and to the Sun with each in and out breath protecting you during magnetic shifts. Breathing in your nose you draw energy into your Root from the core/soul of the earth up the

back of your spine. Breathing out your mouth you draw energy from the Sun thru your crown and down your front. You draw energy in on 7 counts and hold your breath for 4 counts and repeat the 7 and 4’s  on the out breath.  This twenty thousand year old Cherokee technique was a gift from the Pleadians and is taught in Practical Shamanism 101 and Earthchange Warriors. It is a core practice of Practical Shamanism. See this illustrated at www.theAmethystCenter.com.

Å      Release your heavy energy and forgive – Drop your emotional baggage and forgive those people and situations that weigh you down.  This allows your personal frequency to rise in harmony with the Earth’s.  The idea is to stay ahead of the waves of energy as they come in and Surf the shift. How can you get on your surf board carrying so much weight? A number of techniques to aid this process are taught in Practical Shamanism 202.  These include the journey to release painful memories, NLP trauma release spinning,  angel letters and the Cherokee style water forgiveness ceremony.  In my healing practice and in Earthchange Warriors,  I offer Core Trauma Release which takes you back to the original cause of your pain and self-defeating patterns.  It releases it through all four directions of the medicine wheel in the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental levels. Shamanic journey, Neurolinguistic programming, cellular release, chord cutting, spirit attachment removal, soul retrieval and Spirit doctoring are included.  Also, you may seek help in transpersonal hypnotherapy. 

Å      Soul Retrieval -  As the frequency of the earth rises, more and more people are feeling incomplete and are looking for wholeness.  The soul is yearning to be complete.  Many times soul loss is the reason. You notice this in people who have very little light behind their eyes, which is the soul’s doorway. Soul loss appears in people who have experienced major trauma or hurtful relationships. Parts of the soul fragment and escape  for self-preservation.   Soul loss is experienced as addiction to numb the pain, loss of peace, health or happiness, poor self-esteem, poverty consciousness, feeling “not like yourself” and feeling like you are influenced by negative forces. Soul retrieval was once a difficult shamanic practice but during the Shift, lost soul parts are waiting in line to be easily returned and integrated back into the seat of the soul.  After the retrieval you feel much more energy, peace, well-being, health and magnetism for your soul’s desires. And your eyes instantly have much more light because you are more of who you really are!  Mini soul retrievals are conducted with Soul Retrieval Portraits which are available distantly and in person in many markets.   Contact me at azuraewwlkr8@earthlink.net for individual appointments.

Å      Edit Your Relationships - Join a regular meeting of high frequency individuals for support. Practical Shamanism 202 which meets three times per year in each market and The Amethyst Center seasonal ceremonies are a good way to start.  Avoid low frequency people who send you fear, shame or guilt.  See our Woodland Indian ceremonial schedule and workshops at www.theAmethystCenter.com.

Å      Get out in nature - Exercise, sit or lie on the ground and harmonize with Earth’s energy field. Go barefooted 30 min. a day. The fractals of the sights in the deep woods have been proven to benefit your brain and help depression. Connect your energies to a tree and have your arms become one with the branches and your feet at one with the roots.  Nourish yourself with the Spirit of Nature.  Earthing mats are a way to connect to Earth energy for healing right on your bed.
Å      Seek herbal relief - Research the herbs that are good for your symptoms.  As our DNA changes and as we are hit with solar flares, we are getting more and more stressed. For stress take Valerian or Kava Kava.  For the lymph system take Fenugreek.  To release muscle spasms take Valerian and a long hot soak in the tub to which you add Epsom Salts.  Do this daily.  If you are having heart palpitations or breathing problems, it is the throat chakra that is opening. Seek medical help if you are unsure.  If you have not had heart problems before this, know that you are probably not dying.  The symptoms will pass in a few weeks.    Find Hanna Koegar’s herbal medicine at www.HannasHerbShop.com. She’s the best!

Å      Aromatherapy and homeopathy  – Use Cedar oil to clear and protect. Use peppermint to clear your mind. Use rhodiola and lavender for stress. Use angelica to connect with your angels.  

Å      Do Tai Chi, Yoga, and the Tibetan Rites! - Dance the Condor Dance from Practical Shamanism 101.  Dancing is particularly effective because it integrates many energetic pathways easing the flow of the increased Earth energy.  Mild exercise such as walking, hiking, and swimming are very helpful.  Avoid heavily strenuous exercise while you are having symptoms.

Å      Work with a high level healer – Find a healer who can attune you to the new frequencies.  When your body feels out-of-phase seek help from body workers who can release the heavy energy stuck in your body.  Connective tissue work, neuromuscular therapy, and cranial-sacral therapy can help you integrate the increased energies.  You may be prone to distortions in the spine due to changes taking place in the body, so chiropractic adjustments may be in order. Several members of the Amethyst Center Council can offer Earthchange attunements which really help symptoms.

Å      Release fear - Release fear knowing that your Soul and Spirit never dies. Fear weighs you down causing you to have more symptoms and reduce the speed and ease of your upshift into 5th dimensional reality. The ruling fear factory of government, big business and the media controls the population through fear. They fear the Fifth World of Enlightenment because they are losing their control over the enlightened evolving population thus they are manufacturing even more fear producing events than usual. Break your fear cycle now! NLP is a very powerful tool for releasing fear. This is taught is Earthchange Warriors workshops.

Å      Release judgments - Harsh judgments against yourself and others will sour your PH.  This PH change interferes with the electrical flow within the body and interferes with the transmutation of heavy energy and toxin release.  Move into self-acceptance and the acceptance of others to create a biochemical and electromagnetic environment for easy transmutation.

Å      Detox - As your frequency shifts upward and your DNA changes you release lots of heavy toxins. Eat and drink green every day. Invest in a good detox system at the health food store and do this three times per year. Do saunas, ionic foot baths, and sweat lodges. Get clear!

Å      Eat Light - Eat little red meat except to ground you.  Fish, chicken and turkey are better energetic choices.  Heavy food creates heavy energy which blocks the flow of Light Force Energy.  Heavy and greasy food no longer vibrates with your changing body vibration.  Find organic locally grown food and eat less of it in small frequent meals.

Å      Eat raw and pure unprocessed foods - Eating mostly fruits and vegetables results in a detoxification diet.  Heavy grains may be too dense for your body as it shifts to a higher vibration. You may naturally be drawn to this diet as you Shift upward.

Å      Avoid GMO’s - A particular warning is for commercial corn products and products containing high fructose corn syrup as they contain GMO-dioxins, the chemical in Agent Orange.

Å      Eat produce, herbs, and meat from your own medicine wheel - Food and herbs from a 50 mile radius of your home carries your home Earth vibration and is easier to digest and energetically process.  Check out the farmer’s market.  Why ingest food from a low frequency area when your home frequency is so much more compatible for you and your health?  Remember to wash the pesticides from your foods.

Å      Eat right for your blood type - We are genetically predisposed to digest and easily process certain food into fuel by our blood types. Living on a highly toxic environment, it’s not wise to add even more toxins in your body through foods you are allergic to. You may find many of your symptoms lessening when you pay attention to your food allergies. Find the book. Eat Right for your Blood type. Buy it. Do it!  Give the diet for your blood type two weeks and see what a positive change there is in your health. Gluten and dairy are big no no’s for a lot of people. Avoid genetically modified foods.  

Å      Use muscle testing /Kinesiology to find your body needs - During cellular transformation, your body may need fats, proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals, or hormones it has not previously needed.  Magnesium is one that many need now. Learn how to use muscle testing or dowsing to see what you may need at any specific time.  Listen to your body talk!

Å      Green drinks – These are extremely important.  They balance your amino acids, are a gentle detox, have beneficial probiotics and are filled with beneficial green life force. We need that green life force more than ever now to harmonize with the changing natural forces of the Shift.  Since the Spirit of Nature is a great healing agent, drink it!  Raw Greens by Garden of Life and it really works for me. 

Å      Nourish your stress weakened adrenal glands - Vitamin B Complex, Astragalus, Borage, Licorice, Milk Thistle and Ginseng are great helps for this. 

Å      The Amethyst Biomat – The Shift symptoms of aches, pains, and toxicity are all helped by the Amethyst Biomat. It’s far infrared heat helps push out toxins, increased circulation, releases pain and works great paired with a negative ion detox foot bath.  Plus the amethyst gives you a spiritual tune up to match the rising Earth frequency. It has been life saver for  Azurae in clearing Lymes disease.  The Amethyst Center rents and sells these.  Contact Azurae Windwalker  at www.theAmethystCenter.com or azuraewwlkr@earthlink.net for info.

Å      Water Quality - Extremely important is the quality of the water that you drink.  The water we drink allows the vital life force energy to enter and move through your body rejuvenating, facilitating cellular transformation and carrying away toxins.  As the process of cellular transformation unfolds, you will literally be reformatting your electromagnetic field.  Cellular restructuring results in the excretion of waste protein sequences from your DNA.  Drink more and better water! To clean municipal contaminated water you may boil it and put 10 drops per gallon of 35% food grade peroxide. 

Å      Make healing water - Charging your water up to fill it with all the original health giving life force energy of nature is also a very good idea. Raymond Grace teaches this method in his Advanced Dowsing, Healing and Empowerment workshops.  You may even order a CD from him to charge your water in front of the TV screen as you play the CD.  Order these from www.Raymongrace.com

Å      Drink wetter water that is “medicine” -  Wetter water is good for you and balances your body because the molecules are smaller and  penetrate the cell walls more effectively.  One of my Spirit Doctors told me we need wetter water for this transition.  I think that the Alka-Life filtration system may fit the bill.  It produces top quality water that tastes good too. Kagen is another brand that is much more expensive doing the same thing.  Its water that is a liquid anti-oxidant, increases bicarbonates, has high oxygen levels and assists in balancing your body.  Find out more about this at Richway.com. Order this thru Azurae Windwalker who is a distributor.

Å      Shield from harmful electromagnetic field drains - Cutting down on TV, radio, cell phone and other electromagnetic interferences strengthens your health.  Various shielding devices such as Azurae’s  Sun Spiral Energy protective necklaces or Q-link are available on the market. Find these in the gallery of www.theAmethystCenter.com.  You will find these electromagnetic influences more irritating as you accelerate your energy.

Å      Music Therapy - The sound therapy of crystal bowls, Indian love flute, drumming the heartbeat, chanting and selected healing music greatly benefits your health and stress level elevating your personal healing frequency.

Å      MAP SessionsThe Medical Assistance Program with the White Brotherhood revealed in a book written by Machelle Small Wright a most effective healing system for your Shift symptoms, accidents, medical emergencies and much more. Machelle gives you how to work the process step by step. It’s easy. Anybody can do it!  You call on your healing angels, the Spirit in Nature, your healing team from the masters of the White Light Brotherhood and your soul/higher consciousness  and they conduct amazing healings for you from higher dimensions. Ask your Guides and personal healing Spirit Doctors to give you a tune up to help alleviate the symptoms.  I do this just as I go to sleep and they work on me during the night.  It works!

Å      Blood Cleansing - Do a blood cleansing three times per year.  Clear out those toxins and heavy metals that the increased Earthchange energy is pushing out of your system.  Dandelion, Burdock, Red Clover, Lemon water, or Cinnamon are a few choices for this.

Å      Heavy Metal Detox – The chem trails are full of aluminum which is an influence on Alzheimer’s disease. Also boron and other heavy metals are making their way into the food chain and our bodies. Neurological damage is just one of the symptoms caused by these metals.  Kits for heavy metal detox are now available at health food stores.

Å      Engage in ceremony and ritual for change - The Galactic Council of Healers, Earthkeepers and Peacemakers better known as the Brotherhood of the White Light, a highly evolved team of Master Spirit Doctors I met at the Great Serpent Mound, dictated a healing ceremony and attunement especially for healers and wayshowers to Mary Persinger and myself.  This allows for easier transition through the Earth Changes with fewer symptoms and a coming to wholeness.  The second attunement given two weeks later releases heavy energy and blocks to transformation.  I usually combine this with soul retrieval and core trauma release at workshops.  If you are interested in sponsoring this ceremony and its accompanying workshop in your area call me at (540)947-2423 or email azuraewwlkr@earthlink.net.

Å      Relax, be good to yourself - Go with the flow.  We signed on at this time for a reason! Know that all is taken care of.  As Dannion Brinkley says, “We were chosen (to be here at this time) and we chose it!”

Azurae Windwalker

Azurae Windwalker
Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher