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Azurae Windwalker is a Visionary Healing Shamanic Artist and Healer from Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Azurae is also a 35 year teacher of Practical Shamanism and Nature Spirit Energy Medicine. Her mission as a healer/teacher is to gently guide and inspire her students to access their innate talents for healing, intuitive wisdom, way showing and Earth keeping.

As a shamanic artist Azurae draws inspiration from her American Indian heritage, the Spirit in Nature and her spiritual artistic guides. She designs totemic petroglyphic art, Lifeforce Shield Protective Amulets and other shamanic art that is wonderfully energetic, mysterious and healing. Her work is collected by an international clientele.

Artist’s Statement: Shamen were the first artists. They created their art to benefit, help and heal their community. I seek the same purpose."

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Clearing Fears and Filling up with Light and Love

Clearing Fears and Filling Yourself with Love, 

Light and Harmony 

 NEW WORKSHOP Materials!

by Azurae Windwalker

Fears holds people back. We constantly rerun thoughts that are non-beneficial. What fear really is…. is bad management of our mental faculties. Once you understand this you can overcome your fears. What scares you so bad that is terrifying loses it grip on you. You become more confident because you understand your thoughts and how they create fear.“ Brendon Buchard

Each and every day we are bombarded with fear factory messages designed to keep us under control and in fear. This runs directly contrary to the message of the Highest Masters of White Light who speak to us of the love, cooperation, unity and co-creation which is prevalent is this New Golden Age of Light. As the gamma rays from the Sun and the Greater Universe flood our atmosphere and as we vibrate at ever higher and higher frequencies in Earth's trip through the Photon Belt (which is a highly energetically charged area of the universe we travel through every 30 some thousand years) …..the heavy energy of our traumas and fears begin to boil to the surface to be cleared.

People who are ruled by greed, fear and control do not fare so well during this up shift towards Ascension. It's simply physics. When high vibration meets low dense vibration somethings got to give. So what we see in the news of people losing it, making violent attacks, bankers jumping off of buildings, unexpected deaths and illnesses and such are simply a result of the higher vibration of the Shift meeting the low 3D vibration of fear filled people and the organizations they inhabit.

Conversely, those higher frequency people who have cleared many of their deeper fears and trauma, have fewer trials and tribulations or experience them in ways that allow them to learn their lessons, expand on their soul birth-righted gifts and talents and move on to serve in whatever way their soul path prescribes. Although the Shift energies cause many symptoms on our evolutionary Ascension Spiral, we are very lucky to be here experiencing this miracle of moving to a much higher frequency of reality. And even better, what fears and heavy energy we still carry, we can intentionally clear them faster and easier than ever before.

What is actually happening is a worldwide healing crises of people and our beloved planet. Remember how bad you feel when you are doing a healing cleanse and begin to kill off yeast or viruses. Pretty yucky eh? That's what is happening but in a much wider scope in a body, mind, soul and planetary way. And since we were chosen and chose to be alive during this exceptional time, we will deal with it as best we can. Luckily the Legions of the White Light Brotherhood, the Chief Angels of Healing, the Spirit in Nature and our own Divine Centers know just what to do to improve our plight. They have been helping out for millennia and are upping their direct contact with those who can help them on Mother Earth. We, as Earthkeepers, Prayer Warriors, Healers, Peace makers and Wayshowers are sent a directive from them to help in grounding their healing and helping assistance into the here and now to move us out of 3rd dimensional trauma and drama reality into 4th and 5th dimensional peace, cooperation, unity, co creation and harmony reality. Therefore we must focus our intent on the Light and Love at the end of the tunnel and not get lost in the fear based illusions designed to keep us down.

 The Hopi Elders shared a wonderful story with us at the A.R.E. Belonging to Mother Earth Conference in 1997. It was a metaphore abut the Shift times we are living in right now….. There was once two grasshoppers trying to reach the other side of a fast moving stream to get to the corn field and have a tasty meal. The first grasshopper knew full well that the width of the stream was a little too long for his hopping capabilities. BUT he was greedy and hungry...So with great impudence he tried to jump the stream anyway,. Unfortunately he fell into the mayhem of the rushing water was smashed on the rocks and drowned. The second grasshopper was a wiser and more considerate in his actions. He surveyed the area for a more narrow area down stream and then spied a log to jump on. He rode the log safe and sound downstream a ways until the log landed on the opposite bank. He then jumped off on the other side and had to travel a while upstream to find the cornfield and his dinner. But he was a happy grasshopper with a full belly at the end of the day! …….and the moral of the story is...In a fast changing time as the Shift we are living in, we must analyze our surroundings, find tools at hand to use in order to reach our destination and go with the flow because the stream (of reality) keeps changing.

Like the second wiser grasshopper we have many tools at our disposal to use in clearing our fears, our traumas and painful memories so that we don't sink our metaphorical log as we flow down the stream of reality to reach our cornfields of abundant blessings, health, harmony, unity and co-creative peace.

Tools for Clearing Fears

We are living in a time of a huge variety of healing and helping protocols. No doubt many of you use Reiki or some other form of energy medicine. So as I carry these teachings throughout my service area, I fully expect to add on to this list. Of tools for clearing fears. Practical Shamanism is an ever expanding field of research. Sometimes in class students add to our field of knowledge through their study or experiences and sometimes we channel new or additions to old favorite Practical Shamanic techniques to fit the situation at hand. Them I note these and carry them on to future classes. So shall it ever be.

We are blessed with so very much help from our White Light Spirit Doctors, Angels and Nature Spirit. And for this we give many thanks. Thank you. Thank you, Thank you!
  • Dowsing - Dowse the chakra clear counterclockwise and then dowse in clockwise the frequency of love. To do this you must journey to the heart soul center and embody love before you do it. (see later exercise)

  • NLP spinning out trauma -Think about the specific feeling of fear and feel where it in in your body. With your hand trace whether it is spinning clockwise our counter clockwise. Make your shamans fingers and spin it out of your body and up your spine an above your head. Turn it upside down by pretending to flip a ball and proceed to spin the energy back down but this time in the opposite direction from how it came up. The pack in the opposite upside down energy in that chacra. Now feel the feeling again and see it appears in another part of the body. Repeat the process around your body till you feel finished. Self muscle test on each major or minor chacra to see if you are strong there. If you are you are clear.

  • Emotion Freedom Tapping Technique – This works by tapping various points in the body similar to acupuncture points until clear. 
  • Brain Buttons – Educational Kinesiology – Place the three middle fingers right under the hairlne on your forehead more or less above slightly left and right of your eyes. Imagine a video film of your fear incident. Run the video backwards and forwards between your fingers. You'll find yourself looking at your fingers when you are doing this. This will ease the painful memory, fear, or endless loop thought tape of the incident until you can do deeper work. Then in your mind place a video of the opposite healthier positive event in splendid detail to fill the blank space.
  • Shamanic Journey to clear painful memories and clear trauma (Core Trauma Release) – This is another use of NLP as well as Angelic and White Brotherhood intervention in a shamanic journey format. Since many of our fears and trauma come from past lives and or from ancestral memories it is often the chosen technique after using the above techniques to clear immediate needs. And you are able to get advice from your guides, angels or totems to help you understand the soul lesson in your fear or pain.
    In journey destination #1 the Present - You invite a Totem or White Light Master Healer to come with you on this journey. Send them a pink love light and ask it to return to ensure this is the appropriate guide or totem for you. Spiral into your inner landscape. You see the present situation in all your senses, visual, auditory, kinesthetic (feeling) and smell. Put a cloud in front of the scene. Let the cloud magnetize the whole scene into it. And then turn the cloud into an energy ball. Now invite your White Light Master Healer to take the energy ball out of your body to be cleared. Next turn all these backwards. Such as what is large is now small, What is bright is dark, what is loud is soft, what is rough is smooth , what is wet is dry. Where you were once very emotionally invested in the scene now it is like a boring video.
    Loud hateful voices you turn into high squeaky weak voices. Big bad villains are made to be silly looking. You get it? What this does is erase on a physical and emotional level the trauma. Now once again put the cloud in front of the picture and allow it to magnetically soak up the whole scene. Turn it into an energy ball and give it to the Master White Light Healer to clear. Then fill yourself up with a positive version which you create in all senses. You turn that into a liquid energy which infuses your whole body with a new healthier, loving reality and thus reframes your reality. 
    In journey destination # 2 the past - we spiral through our inner tunnel to the past to the same kind of event on your trauma timeline as it presents in the past. Note if you recognize some of the players in your soap opera. We tend to reincarnate with our soul family over and over and sometimes they agree to play villains because they are helping you to learn and grow by testing you. Is it in this time or another. Where is it? What is the theme? Repeat the above #1 shamanic clearing and reframing techniques.
    In journey destination #3 we spiral into the original core trauma. This is where your fear pattern began. This is usually a past life or an ancestral trauma you carry in DNA memory. We repeat the first shamanic clearing pattern. Then we talk to Your White Light Master healer, oR totem and find answers to the meaning of this pattern. How did this affect Your soul growth? What can we learn from this? How have we Further developed our gifts and talents by having this challenge? Then we thank your guide for his help and reverse our process spiraling back into ordinary reality. It's really good to journal after this to make sure you get all the details.

  • Psychic surgery to clear implants, programs, governors, tools of death, and other Trauma Residue - By putting on our Archangel Raphael gloves we can magnetize this residue that is left from traumatic past lives. Implants can cause physical as well as emotional pain and cause you to leak vital Life force. Programs cause you to repeat a non-beneficial behavior pattern over and over from one lifetime to the next and in your current life. They look like wifi boxes. Take them out and you are free to be who you are. Governors have been put in place when your soul was young to keep you from growing to your full potential. They look like big black marble cubes held in a chacra. When they are released you are free to grow to your highest potential. Tools of death are swords, knives, or other weapons whose ghost energy is still in cellular, spirit body and DNA memory. Clear them and you lose many physical ailments and weaknesses. For instance a sword in the throat causing an inability to do public speaking which reverses to good public speaking abilities when it is lifted out. 
  • White Light Ascension Attunement #3 – Retrieving a Powerful Spiritual Warrior Protector – A journey to the above world to the Temple of Knowledge to retrieve a Powerful spiritual protector and then merging with him for courage.

  • Wheel of Disintegration White Light Attunement - Working with a channeled geometric form and a crystal, send your fears into a black hole and erase them. This is a metaphor which attracts the reality of the clearing of fears and other non-beneficial habits and behaviors.

The Typical Types of Fears in Modern Life

In ancient times our only fears were fight or flight kinds of fears. Would the bear in the cave eat us if we go in to get out of the rain? Or would we die if we fall off a cliff? Would we burn outr hands if we put them in a fire? Or how would we survive if we are separated from our tribe or larger family? If we hadn't had these fears our species would not have survived. Psychologists say that fear of falling and fear of death are our primary fears that we are born with. But in modern times there's a new twist to our fears and they are largely manufactured by ourselves. Fake fears…. Many produced and helped along by the fear factory of media and the puppeteers in big business and government. So let's address these. They are there types of pain/fear that pervades our world. And are self manufactured.

Loss pain – If I change my life I might lose something I like – this could be job, spose, home, friends, co-workers, financial security etc. By starting your own business you lose financial security. But what do you gain? Turn around the fears and overcome them losses with benefits. If I quit smoking I won't be able to go outside for a smoking break. But what do you gain? Health. Going up stairs with plenty of breath. No more tobacco stains…..Diet ..fear of losing favorite foods. In the end ypu may lose security but you get more freedom and excitement from facing challenges.

Process Pain – Change is hard. I don't know how to do this. If you quit smoking you will have to go through withdrawals and maybe gain weight. If I diet I'll have to shop in new places and learn how to cook new meals and do exercise. To master life we have to learn how to see change as gain. Challenges help us live a full life and helps us learn our soul lessons and grow our gifts and talents.

Outcome pain – What if you go through all this change and the outcome is not any better? Turn this around ! Think, dream, visualize, treasure map, attract, put emotion and intent into a healthy, fun, positive, vibrant, fulfilling , happy outcome for yourself.

We can certainly STOP the fear thinking process. Then you can attract what you want. Flip Fears to Gains and a Positive Life.

  • Now on your Wheel of Disintegration work sheet write down 16 fears to clear.
  • Muscle test and see which of the above clearing techniques would be the most effective for your list of fears to clear.

     Stones, Aromas & Plants to Help Fear Clearing Process

Crystals – Black Tourmaline – (fear neutralizer) Fear Illness – Rhodonite, Fear Aging – Blue quartz, Fear Death – Copper, Fear Dark – Blue ot Pink Chalcedony, Fear sleeping – Rhodochrosite, Fearlessness – Smoky Quartz
Aromatherapy – Courage – Black pepper, clove, fennel, ginger, onion, sweet pea, thyme, yarrow
Tincture – Rescue Remedy
Trees and Bushes – alder – protection during changes, Aspen – face fears and doubts through open communication, Cedar - protection and cleansing, Eucalyptus – balance emotions, Holly – be a spiritual warrior, Yucca – Survival through perseverance, Oak -strength, Otrange – release fears and trust emotions and dreams, Pine - emotional protection, strength, softness, Walnut - power for transitions,.
Flowers -Anemone – work through fears and sorrows for rebirth, Sunflower – happiness. well being, strong healing energy, Tiger Lilly – Maintain balance and strength in all you do, Yang Yang – doubts will pass, hold to the simple truth.
Herbs – Bayberry – objectively examine fears, Catnip – Face fears and look for the magic within, Garlic -protection and cleansing, Peppermit – trust the process of life, Spearmint – emotions will settle, Rosemary – Protection and healing, be positive, rose – divine feminine love.

Bringing in the Love and Light

It is a cosmic truth that when we clear non-beneificial energies like pain and fear we must replace the opposite of that back so that we can attract that which benefits us. The opposite of fear is love. And Light is the energy of love where as dark is the energy of fear.

Journey to the Heart Soul Center 
Where Love Lies

Imagine the happiest most loving day of your life. You are secure and at peace. Perhaps in nature, hear the sounds of nature, music voices and their qualities. Are they loud or soft. What is the tone or pitch. Is there a rhythm? See the vision of this place. What is near or far. What is bright or dark. What is in bright color and what is in shadow. What is large or small. How does it feel? Warm, cold wet. dry, hard soft, rough smooth? And how does your body feel? Now take all that and make it a movie. Turn that movie into an energy ball. Now explode that energy ball into a thousand very small pieces.

Let these pieces of light move down from your mind, down your cheeks, into your jaws and then your neck. Let the light move into your chest and then lie over your heart. If you are a woman let the light pieces merge into your heart and into the seat of your soul. If you are a man let them spiral into the seat of your soul. Now be in this place of unconditional love and notice what you see, feel and hear. Finally come back to your body and enter our world of illusion once again. Inside your heart in the soul center exists your link to Creator and Great Spirit...the REAL reality.

As you lose your fears and traumas the seat of your soul becomes brighter and better. But still it is the most beautiful blissful place imaginable. It is from this place of infinite love and oneness with Creator that we can really project love to others. Love sent from the mind automatically produces love and the opposite of that because the mind is a duality based system. The heart, however, exists only to love. It is the shamans doorway.

Sing the Heart ChantAh ah ah, ah ah ah ah ah. Ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah ah. Ah tesh na hey nah ah, Ah tesh na hey nah ah, Ani co co ni, ani co ni, tesh na, ha ha (sang 3,6 or 9 times) Cherokee song to open the heart and bring things back to a natural balance.

The Light Invocation

I am the Light, the Light moves within me, the Light moves throughout me, the Light supports me, the Light protects me. I am the Light. (Sang 7 times)

The Wheel of Integration

Now consider love based qualities or positive archetypes of yourself that you wish to manifest and bring them from the outer vortexes to the I AM Center. (This is available at the workshop)

I rejoice in a new day! Aho. Wado. Thank you thank, you thank you!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Larimar (Edgar Cayce's Master Healing Stone) Lifeforce Amulets designed by Azurae Windwalker, Shamanic Healing Artist

Here it is as Edgar Cayce predicted to help and heal us from the Atlantean Territory of the Carribean. 

Edgar Cayce predicted an Atlantean healers stone would come into use during this time of the Shift......AND I've found it. The Mega Healers stone..rare larimar from the Caribbean positively pulses with beneficial energy.... I've never experience a crystal quite like it!!!!!  It certainly takes the edge off this crazy Shift energy...it's quite addictive. Some call it the Dolphin stone!!!!   Charlotte Murphy saw the one I was test driving in WV and said I WANT that and grabbed for it LOL!!!  That's how folks react to it. Can you feel these recent Lifeforce Amulets I've made for clients? PM me if you WANT one. I have beautiful new larimar specimens arriving soon. And yes, Charlotte Murphy I'll be making yours.  The cabochons are teardrop like in the last two photos.

A master healing stone and I'm taking orders for Larimar Lifeforce Amulets right now!!!! 

A beaded design includes two large larimar beads, larimar cabochon, crystal, glass and mother of pearl beads. $150
Chorded designs are $85 plus $7 shipping.
 There is so much more to know about Larimar than just that it is one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. First of all – it’s one of the most rare, too!  LARIMAR is found in only one place in the world - one square kilometer (approximately ½ square mile!) in the mountains above Baoruco in the Dominican Republic! 

LARIMAR is a volcanic stone, the result of volcanic activity that occurred millions of years ago!  It’s a form of pectolite, and although pectolite is found in nearly every hemisphere, none have the unique volcanic blue coloration of Larimar.  Pectolite is normally gray or white, yet pectolite from that one location in the world is a beautiful blue pectolite – that which we know and love as Larimar!  It is awe-inspiring to ponder the fact that the series of events that created this beautiful blue wonder have only occurred one time, in one place throughout the history of the world!   Amazing!

Larimar's beautiful colors mirror the blue and white shades of the ocean and sky. No two stones are alike; each piece is unique, with its own natural beauty.  Its colorations vary from white, light-blue, green-blue to deep blue, from translucent to dark.

Here's what a recent client said about her Larimar Lifeforce amulet!  "  I just have to tell you this. I received my Larimar Lifeforce Amulet today and it's wonderful BUT, at lunch I walked into Chick Fil A and I just thought "I feel like I need more room here", and I swear I felt energy go out from my heart chakra and make a bigger circle (and stronger one) around me. I almost fell over...it was awesome and I couldn't move for a minute. I've never felt my thoughts/protection happen like that before (it was immediate and SO strong). It felt like "THIS IS MY SPACE". Cool!! Thank you!!

 I'd like to add that it wasn't a push people out of the way thing, it was very protective and kind and felt like "here, this is your space, enjoy and feel safe. It let people carry on around me but I felt protected and grounded. I wasn't concerned about people "attaching" to me like I almost always feel in crowds (why I dislike being around more than 15 people at any one time). It's just lovely" 

Metaphysical meanings of Larimar
Larimar is commonly believed to be a calming stone, offering many incredible healing powers. It is considered by some to aid in communication and is associated with the crown, heart, third eye and throat chakras. Many alternative and holistic healers use larimar for a variety of physical, emotional and spiritual healing practices. Larimar can aid in the process of using power and knowledge wisely. Most often with the Throat,Thymus and Heart Chakras, Larimar encourages one to speak their inner truth from the heart with complete clarity. Larimar helps to facilitate meditation and connection with Source. Its soothing energies enhance calm, bringing a gentle peace and serenity to the user. Larimar can help to ease depression and apathy. Those who find themselves overly-critical of themselves and others, can use Larimar to gently open the heart and mind. Larimar brings in the energy of a more positive perspective. Larimar helps to claify the user's current perception of all things in life (both within and without), that need to change and supports the process of change.
Dreamy, mesmerizing larimar is known by different names: "dolphin stone" for the charming and intelligent ocean creature, "Caribbean gemstone" for its waves of ocean-blue color reminiscent of the waters near the Dominican Republic beach where it was found, and most commonly, "Atlantis stone" for the belief by some that the Dominican Republic now stands where the legendary City of Atlantis fell. Edgar Cayce, the most documented psychic of the 20th century who was often called the "sleeping prophet," once noted that part of Atlantis could be discovered in the Caribbean. In addition, he predicted that a blue stone with extraordinary healing powers would be found there.

Designing with Larimar

Many jewelry artists incorporate polished freeform larimar pendants and cabochons into necklaces and create earrings with larimar rounds and chips. Freeform larimar stones can be used in wire-wrapped designs such as necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. Commonly seen paired with sterling silver, larimar gemstones are equally as gorgeous when paired with gold, copper and antiqued metals.
Custom design with Amethyst Beads

History/Background Larimar was reportedly discovered in 1916 by Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren, but wasn't mined until decades later in 1974 when Dominican, Miguel Méndez, and Peace Corps volunteer, Norman Rilling, noticed a piece of larimar on the Barahonas province shoreline. Named for Miguel's daughter, Larissa, and "mar," the Spanish word for sea, larimar captures the exquisite beauty of the Caribbean Sea. 
Geological Properties/Scientific Description Larimar is a rare blue variety of pectolite. The serene blue color results from the substitution of cobalt for calcium in the stone and varies from white and light-blue to green-blue and deep blue or "volcanic blue." With swirling bands of white, larimar mimics the wave crests of crystal blue Caribbean waters.

I'm very lucky to make Larimar Lifeforce Amulets because I get the larimar's  healing energy amplified many times over ....so keep those orders coming!!!!

Lifeforce Shield Amulets by Shamanic Healing Artist Azurae Windwalker

Wear this Larimar Life-force Energy Shield Copper Amulet and POWER UP! Calm and release tension! Balance emotions. Stimulate meditation, clarity, serenity and ease depression! Stay energized! Be protected from the draining non-beneficial energies of people, places, computers and cell phones. And connect to the spiral of life!

When Azurae's Spiritual Artistic Guidance Team gave her the inspiration for the Lifeforce Shield Amulets they revealed a shamanic design made for these challenging energetic times….. Azurae’s beautiful creations apply the science of piezoelectric crystal energy and the earth orgone energy which is amplified by three non-tarnishing copper coils and wave coils. These amplify your bodies’ life force so you stay energized, strong and protected from energetic challenges. So you are using shamanism in art for YOUR health! Wouldn't it be wonderful to stay energized and clear headed ALL DAY? Her clientele ranges from noted North and South American medicine people to country music stars, healers, massage therapists, nurses, mystics, art lovers and IT professionals. Azurae’s shaman’s intent as she creates each design is for your health, well being and protection. Size and shape of the cabochon varies.

Copper – Energy Flow – Maintain energy flow that eases inflammation, releases tension, and alleviates frustrations. Healer of conflict, Benefits brain, thought processes, and coordination. Helps to disrupt opposing astrological and cosmic influences.

Azurae Windwalker is a visionary shamanic artist and healer from Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. She draws inspiration from her American Indian heritage, the Spirit in Nature and her spiritual artistic guides. Azurae expands consciousness with wonderfully mysterious energetic illuminating healing art and jewelry. Clients say they feel more alive wearing Azurae’s jewelry designs. And they delight in feeling healing energy coming from her designs. That is because Azurae infuses each piece with its natural healing ways as she designs each piece. Azurae received much knowledge of the sacred geometry she uses when she was a ceremonial leader of the XAT Native American Medicine Society. Artifacts from the ancient Moundbuilder culture offer her both inspiration and wisdom. Azurae also works with color therapy, totems, copper coils, numerology, magnets, prayer and stone healing ways. Numerous medicine people, healers and country stars own her work and rave about it. Why not own a piece of shamanic healing art that is both beautiful and beneficial?

 See how Laura's Opalecent Lifeforce Amulet magnifies her lifeforce and  chakras?  I'm sure Larimar would make an even greater difference!

It's the strongest healing crystal

I've worked with so far!!!

Contact me at azuraewindwalker@gmail.com to order.

Azurae Windwalker

Azurae Windwalker
Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher