Monday, March 1, 2021

Distance and In Person Shamanic Healing Services


Distance Healing and In Person Shamanic Healing Sessions Now Available

I am enjoying doing distance shamanic healing sessions.  There is no time and space in shamanic healing. So distance doesn't matter. Soul retrival and the story of how the recovered soul piece helps and heals is so very facinating and fulfilling!  Retrieving a warrior protector is particularly helpful to negate the non beneficial effects of our fear based society. Cutting non beneficial chords frees you up to move forward. Clearing programs, trauma and implants brings you back to your perfected form gently with love. And building strong boundaries and auric shields vastly increases wellness and lifeforce!

Message me for appointments on FB or text me at 540-947-2423. Email is  Please put SEEKING AN APPOINTMENT in the header!

For many of you the high Earth frequencies are pushing out your shadows to be understood and cleared!.....This is a time of outstanding healing potential! If are one of the many feeling the call of reaching your human potential and rising upwards on the spiral of soul evolution... I can help you!  I offer you 40 years of experience in Shamanic Healing, gentle Trauma Clearing, Soul Retrieval and Implant Removal of non beneficial patterns and blocks to your highest soul potential. I also offer techniques to shield, power up your lifeforce and  stay healthy in body, mind and spirit. These services are available distantly and here at the Amethyst Center near Roanoke VA. PM me for details.

When you leave a shamanic healing session with me you can expect to feel lighter, more whole, more energized and more focused  and informed on your soul path.  Each session is 1. 5 hrs. at $125 per session. The average number of sessions required is 3 to resolve complex issues. And you are assigned homework of shamanic practices like Earth Sun Sun Breathwork,  Golden Egg Shielding,  Blue Bubble Properly Protection for your continued health.

WHAT WE ALWAYS DO: Find the health status of your chakras then clear and return them to healthy working order;  Retrieval of The White Light Master Soul Blueprint of your Whole Perfect Self,  Cutting chords to non beneficial energy draining manipulative people, events and places;  Soul Retrieval of soul parts lost from trauma and relationship dramas so you can be more fully yourself! Teach you power ups like Circular Earth Sun breathwork.

WHAT WE OFTEN DO: Clear trauma timelines from present to past lives;  Clear energy implants that keep you from reaching your full potential, cause physical symptoms or lock you into self sabotaging patterns. Medicine Wheel of Spiritual, Emotional,  Physical and Mental Health Healing and Diagnostic  Dispensation.

WHAT WE DO FOR MORE COMPLEX SESSIONS: Remove spirit attachments that drain you and manipulate you.  Retrieve a Powerful Spiritual Warrior Protector. Retrieve a Joy Guide to increase your fun and joy.  Rebuild, align and strengthen weak holey auras/ energy bodies. Clear grief. Clear Ancestral lines of bad karma.

RESULTS: All these shamanic techniques affect your body mind spirit  health resulting in a greatly increased level of well being. 1000s of clients over my 40 yr. service as a shamanic healing practitioner can attest to this.

Text 540-947-2423 or email for an appointment.


SOUL LOSS - Soul loss is a helpful response that allows our essence to remove itself from suffering and pain. In her book, Soul Retrieval, Sandra Ingerman describes soul loss as “spiritual illness that causes emotional and physical disease…(and) losing crucial parts of ourselves that provide us with life and vitality.”  A soul retrieval is a shamanic method for bringing back those vital parts. Soul loss is the experience of an essential part of us leaving, and SOUL retrieval is the experience of having that essential part retrieved and returned to you.  

Many of us feel like we are missing an important part of ourselves or feel like we are not quite whole. One cannot magnetise the soul path and good you wetmre ment to experience!   Sometimes we experience soul loss as a chronic illness or face ongoing emotions such as sadness and anger.

By retrieving lost soul parts we become more whole, full of lifeforce and magnetic to our souls mission and overall wellness!  These days most people have at least nine soul pieces waiting in line to be retrieved. Because of the high frequency experienced now on Earth now, only one or two pieces can be retrieved safely in one session. It differs soul to soul, body to body. And it takes 10 days to integrate the retrieved soul pieces fully. So multiple sessions are often needed. 

Relationships and Soul Loss - Many people experience soul loss in relationships. As a child, we may willingly have given our soul parts to friends as part of play or had our soul parts stolen unconsciously by a family member. As an adult, we may experience soul loss in an abusive or traumatic relationship. Even the unexpected ending of a relationship may cause a loss of our vital essence.

At midlife people often feel this loss and reach out to find answers. When a person starts calling their soul parts back, gathering themselves up and having their vital essence returned, often they find that their current relationships may shift. For example, after a soul retrieval, a client recently found herself letting go of her best friend. The relationship was no longer serving her whole self. To her surprise, releasing judgemental friendships also opened her up to two new friendships!


 The trauma we experienced in this lifetime most often  begain in other lifetimes. We choose them to grow, learn and fully embrace our capacity to forgive, keep boundaries, be more aware and or  become a spiritual warrior. So we repeat  traumas with similar purposes from lifetime to lifetime. Trauma creates soul loss so soul retrieval and core trauma clearing are very much part of a successful shamanic healing program.  And sometimes ancestral DNA programming memories influence our trauma patterns too. So ancestral trauma lines may need ckearing also.

With shamanic journey, neurolinguistic programming, drumming, and help from the Chief Healing Angels, White Light Masters, Nature Spirit and Christ Consciousness this multiple level clearing is achieved. It is a very gentle process that does not require retraumatizing yourself to heal! We clear trauma lines from present, past to where the pattern began ages ago. Its not uncommon for a trauma pattern to start in very ancient times.

As we go I decode the core trauma lifetime I see orally and the describe the players present. The client may also tune into another lifetime on the same timeline.  Together we piece together a fascinating story of your soul's progress through meeting adversity. And we also do soul retrieval for the lifetime presented.

Trauma creates more trauma. Hurt people hurt others and themselves.  And folks self medicate with drugs, alcohol or other addictive behaviors to cover up their sensitive nature. Once we clear the core trauma you are free and need not repeat this pattern of trauma for yourself or others. Greatly increased happiness, positivity, health and fulfillment results from Core Trauma Clearing!


Psychic implants are energetic mechanisms which alter your behavior, body mind spirit health, and soul's ability to reach the highest potential. Some are carried through our ancestral DNA records. Some come through past life akashic records. Some occur through the  abduction experience by terrestrial and non terrestrial entities.

As the heartbrat frequency of the Earth Rises from 7.8 hertz of the Shumann Resonance to an average of 13 hertz and way higher during geomagnetic storms..... implants are naturally rising to the surface of your being to be released and cleared. So it is easier than EVER to gently clear them and gain greater health and well being. NOW IS A SUPERB TIME TO START YOUR SHAMANIC JOURNEY TO HEALING!!!

The psychic implants I commonly see and remove are:


 These cause a repetitve pattern from lifetime to lifetime which is sabotaging to your well being, happiness, fulfillment and it impedes reaching your highest potential. Program Implants may be karmic and important to learn from!  Meeting the challenges they present  may be part of growing your gifts and talents in your souls evolutionary process. They are based in various chacras. Each chacra has a purpose and influence in how your life's progress manifests.  Wherever the program implant appears will be where you experience challenges in your life's unfoldment!

I ask for those Program Implants who no longer serve you to appear for clearing. So those Program Implants who appear to me in a session are ready to be released,  cleared, neutralized and deleted! You can really get off the karmic merry go round and move on shifting up once these are cleared! The result of this clearing is a healthier, happier more fulfilling life! 


These implants look like a black stone cube. They were placed in your body mind soul complex when your soul first came to earth in the earliest times. Their purpose is to keep you from reaching your highest potential and they enable you to be easily controled and manipulated. Clearing these Governor Implants creates an open path to manifesting your greatest good!


Through various lifetimes we have died in many brutal horrible ways. Sometimes remnants of these incidents can be inbedded in our bodies as axes, swords, knives, and instruments of torture. Much memory is carried in our DNA, cells and soul. Perhaps this is how these Wounded Warrior Implants are carried forward. These implants may very well cause physical problems where ever they are in the body. Some cause birthmarks and other physical signs! Some may contain dark magic which connects the client to an entity still seeking revenge, your power and lifeforce! 

With the aid of the Chief Healing Angels, the Spirit in Nature,  the White Light Masters and Christ Consciouness the implant is extracted, sent to the recycling angels and lifeforce is returned to the area it once inhabited. Then to follow up a massage therapist can address the muscular tension associated with this type of implant. After clearing these much more freedom and flow is experienced in your life. And often freedom from physical symptoms which have not responded to previous medical or physical therapy treatments in the affected area may occur.